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12/7/2019 Mastering Anxiety Workshop: Calm Me Down - Science Based Strategies to Master Anxiety and Perform at Your Best in school and in life
12/6/2019 Free Seminar: Understanding your teenagers brain - How to help your teenager to be successful and happy

10/12/2019 Free Seminar: Grow your leadership with Technology Career

9/28/2019 Prof. Po-Shen Loh Free Public Speech-- Interesting Mathematics

8/4/2019 Seminar: From Cupertino High School to MIT

[7月27日免费讲座]做好父母, 培养好孩子

7/21/2019 Seminar: Stand Out with Your Passion & the Impact You Can Make

7/13/19 Free Seminar: Stress? Addicted? Drug, Life and Hope!

6/2/19 SAT/PSAT Seminar Registration

6/2/19 Free Seminar: Stand Out in College Applications with Your Creative Art Portfolio

5/25/19 Excellence Forum: Stress Mastery & Productivity Seminar