Congratulations for the achievement of USNCO 2024

Hi Dr. He,

The USNCO High Honors/Honors list came out yesterday, and I am happy to say that I got Honors (top 150). Although I was aiming higher, I am still proud of my achievement in a short time span. Thank you for your help throughout this process. Specifically, your help on the lab portion of the exam made part III easy for me. I am unsure if I will take the exam again next year, but this experience was extremely fun.

- Thank You.       M.R.

High School Chemistry and Research Seminar

Sample class videos

AP Chemistry Test Prep Class 1

Honors Chemistry

ClassDateTime (California)TuitionClass DayHolidayNote
AP Chemistry Preview6/10-6/28, 20244:00-6:00pm$1200/15 lessons; $85 each lesson
M to FDr. He
Honors Chemistry Preview6/17-7/19, 2024
6:00-8:00pm$1150/15 lessons; $80 each lessonM, W, FDr. Ho
Honors Chemistry9/10/23-2/18/244:30-6:30pm$1550/20 lessons;
Sundayno class 11/26, 12/17, 24, 31Dr. Ho
AP Chemistry8/27/23-2/4/244:30-6:30pm$1600/20 lessons; $85/lessonSundayno class 11/26, 12/17, 24, 31Dr. He
Special small group classes (AP, Honors) by high schoolsby requestUSNCO local $135/hr
USNCO national $150/hr
AP, H $130/hr
$70/hr for 1 on 2
$50/hr for 1 on 3
*If you need private lessons, please send your request to with your child's available schedule and school requirement/your goal.
*We offer the first class as a trial course for more than 8 days. If you are not satisfied after the trial, you may cancel and are not required to pay tuition for that one class. If you would like to continue, you must pay for all classes, including the first class.
*No tuition refund after class 3.
*Classes are offered both online and onsite.
*Students who miss a class can make it up by watching videos of the class and coming to the teacher with any questions.
*All group class tuition fees are for group classes with more than four students

*We accept the following payments: Make a note of student name and class/date(important!) on the payment.

  1. Online banking pay through Zelle: Payee's Business name: SpringLight Education. For most online banks it's free, ask your bank for Zelle pay for details about your online sending money.
  2. Check payable to SpringLight Education, you can email the front and back pictures of the check to us. Or send the paper check to us by mail, or drop it off at our office.
SpringLight Education LLC
Address: 20432 Silverado Ave, Ste 7, Cupertino, CA 95014

Payment needs to be received before the 2nd class. Late payment will have a $50 penalty.

*Students who miss a class can make it up by watching videos of the class and coming to the teacher with any questions.

SpringLight Education Chemistry Courses

AP Chemistry

  • Description: AP Chemistry course will not only foster the students on the deeper level of learning and understanding of broader chemistry knowledge, but it also facilitates the students to develop the advanced inquiry and reasoning skills such as collecting and analyzing data, applying mathematical routines and connecting concepts in and across domains. The goal is to prepare the students for the study of advanced topics in college-level courses.
  • Prerequisite: Algebra II recommended
  • For students who successfully complete a year chemistry course or for the students with high motivation without chemistry background or taking chemistry class at high school.

Honors Chemistry

  • Description: Honors Chemistry is a course that introduces the fundamental language, ideas, concepts and basic principles used in the study of chemistry. It covers key topics, fosters skills necessary to describe chemical processes and behaviors, and prepares students to solve numerical and verbal problems in chemistry. Upon completion, students will have a solid foundation in chemistry and will be prepared for AP Chemistry, AP Biology, and college-level chemistry courses.
  • Prerequisite: Algebra I
  • For high school students or self-motivated middle school students.

Regular Chemistry for 9th & 8th graders

趣味化学班 (对9年级,8年级,以及有强烈学习动力的7年级学生)