AP Physics Revisions for 2024-25

Four of SpringLight's students reached the USAPhO Top 50 Scorers in the 2021 USAPhO semifinal test.

Four of SpringLight's students are selected as 2021 USAPhO‐Plus Invitees in the total of 30.

Congratulations to the students!

Announcement for Online Video Physics Class

If you take our current physics classes or purchase any of our current physics teachers' class videos, the previous physics teacher's class video and class materials are free.

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Sample of Ms. Jin's physics teaching :
AP physics 1

USAPhO F=MA & Semifinal Videos

Free - Handy Physics

with 2 playlists connected to F=ma and USAPHO problems.
~ 40 playlists to different physics topics
ClassDateTime (California)Class DayNotePrice 
Honors/AP Physics 16/10 - 7/12/20247:00-9:00 pmM / W / F$1125/15 sessions; $80 each time Ms. Jin
AP Physics C Mechanics 6/18 - 7/23/20247:00-9:00pmTu / Th / Sat$1125/15 sessions; $80 each timeMs. Jin
F=ma Training6/16 - 9/1/20244:00-6:30pmSundays$1250/12 lessons
$110 each lesson
Ms. Jin
AP Physics C E&M 6/17 – 8/5/20243:30-5:30pmM / F$1125/15 sessions; $80 each time
Conceptual Physics6/18 – 7/19/20244:30 – 6:30pmTuesdays/ FridaysFor 6th to 9th graders$700/10 lessons
$75/ lesson
Honors/AP Physics 26/19 - 8/7/20247:00-9:00 pmWed / Sun$1125/15 sessions; $80 each time
Honors/AP Physics 19/7 - 12/14/20247:00-9:00pmSaturdays$1150/15 sessions; $80/lessonMs. Jin
Conceptual Physics9/12 – 11/14/20247:00-9:00pmThursdaysFor 6th to 9th graders$750/10 sessions
David Huang
AP Physics C Mechanics 9/13 - 12/20/20247:00-9:00pmFridays$1150/15 sessions; $80/lessonMs. Jin
AP Physics 2 9/14 – 12/21/20247:00-9:00pmSundays (no class on 11/26)$1150/15 sessions; $80/lessonMr Huang
AP Physics C E&M 9/14 – 12/21/2024 7:00-9:00pmSaturdays$1150/15 sessions; $80/lessonMr. Huang
F=ma Training9/15 - 12/1/20244:00-6:30pmSundays$1275/12 lessons;$110/lessonMs. Jin
Regular/H/AP level Private lesson by request $120/hr, 1 : 1
$70/hr, 1 : 2
$60/hr, 1 : 3
USAPhO private lessonby request F=ma: $150/hr
Semifinal: $180/hr
*If you need private lesson, please send your request to with your child's available schedule and school requirement/your goal.
*We offer the first class as a trial for course more than 8 days. If you are not satisfied after the trial, you may cancel and are not required to pay tuition for that one class. If you would like to continue, you must pay for all classes, including the first class.
*No tuition refund after class 3.
*Classes are offered both online and onsite.
*Students who miss a class can make it up by watching videos of the class and coming to the teacher with any questions.
*All group class tuition fees are for group classes with more than four students

*We accept the following payments: Make a note of student name and class/date(important!) on the payment.

  1. Online banking pay through Zelle: Payee's Business name: SpringLight Education. For most online banks it's free, ask your bank for Zelle pay for details about your online sending money.
  2. Check payable to SpringLight Education, you can email the front and back pictures of the check to us. Or send the paper check to us by mail, or drop it off  at our office.
SpringLight Education LLC
Address: 20432 Silverado Ave, Ste 7, Cupertino, CA 95014

Payment need to be received before the 2nd class. Late payment will have $50 penalty.

*Students who miss a class can make it up by watching videos of the class and coming to the teacher with any questions.

Physics Instructors

Ms. Cindy Jin graduated from Peking University with a major in microelectronics. She also has tutored high school math and physics (AP Calculus and AP Physics) in the Bay Area for more than 5 years. Her teaching is logical, clear. She has helped many students have improved their GPA and inspired them to love science. She has over 22 years of software engineering experience in the communications industry.

Mr. Felix Huang has taught math, computer science, and physics to high school students in learning centers in the Bay Area for over 10 years. He has helped many students pass the AMC 10, 12, and AIME. He also helped several students to advance on USACO Bronze, Silver, Gold to Platinum. In computer science students to advance on USACO Bronze, Silver, Gold to Platinum. He is passionate about helping students overcome their barriers and reach challenging goals. He helped students gain profound understanding on the math, computer science, and physics. He works as software engineer in multiple areas including Java, C++, Python programming, backend data, and optimization problems. As background, he received a M.S. in Math from U of Washington, M.S. in Computer Science from U of Arizona, and a B.S. in Math from National Taiwan University.

Mr. Ma

Dr. Zhao

Dr. Liu