Standardized Testing


Getting into a college is like approaching any other goal in life that’s important: it takes hard work, commitment and attention to dates and details.
Our mission is to offer our students the best class for the SAT test preparation. SpringLight Education has been work closely with our neighbourhood high schools, include Cupertino High School and Lynbrook High School, and provided high quality SAT training classes for years.

Words From Students

  • I really like the teacher:) Very nice and friendly. Also explains problems so well that it is easy to solve problems even without having learned the material
  • I like how you give breaks in between or give puzzles to let us not feel bored
  • The class was very engaged and changed the way I thought about SAT math
  • A lot of helpful tips were given. I have more self confidance that I was lacking, and I feel so much better about taking the SAT now
  • I like how the class goes over each question after the answer is shown, as well as the ability to work in groups
  • The course is helpful and it teaches us how to approach problems efficently, so we don't run out of time for the problems


SAT Subject