School Essay Coaching and Editing

Being able to and learning how to write school essays well are fundamental for a student to improve their writing skills, as well as having a good GPA. If students are struggling to get a good score on their essays, we can help.
It is always challenging to help with essays, as the grade is decided by an individual teacher on the basis of what they taught in class. In this instance, it is impossible for anyone to know the teacher’s train of thought on what is wanted for a “self-defined” topic without more information.
It would be of the greatest help if the student finds out as much as possible about how the essay will be graded:
  • Is there a scoring rubric?
  • Are there in-class notes or handouts?
  • Are there any sample prompts? Or sample essays?
  • Are there any instructions regarding the length or the paragraph structure or requirements for the introduction and conclusion?
  • What guidance does the teacher offer regarding the thesis statement?
  • Is the teacher willing to approve a thesis statement ahead of time?
  • Is the teacher looking for literary analysis? Or personal commentary? Or something else?
Please email with the above information, if relevant, including the name of the book they are reading at school, so our English teachers can work with students to help them achieve their goal.