Class Date Time Price Class Day Holiday Teacher
AMC 8( test date 11/14/17) 9/2 to 11/11 10:00am-12:00pm $600/12 lessons Saturday Brian Yang
AMC 10/12 9/2 to 12/16 7pm-9pm $960/16 lessons Saturday Dr. Liu
Pre-Calculus 9/9 to 11/11 2:00 to 4:00pm $960/16 lessons Saturday Dr. Liu
AP Calculus AB/BC 9/9 to 12/16 4:30 to 6:30pm $1120/16 lessons Saturday Dr. Liu
AP Calculus AB/BC $80/hr private
Contest Math
private lesson
Math Olympiad
AMC 8:
$80/hr private
AMC 10/12: $100/hr
AIME: $120/hr
USA(J)MO: $150/hr
IMO $200/hr
SAT II Math (test date 5/5 2/10/18 to 4/28/18 2:00-4:00pm $720/12 lessons Saturday

*We offer one trial class, and if you are not satisfied after one class, you may cancel and are not required to pay tuition for that class.
*Students who miss a class can make it up by watching videos of the class and coming to the teacher with any questions.
*All tuition fees are for group classes with more than four students