Since Winter of 2013 SpringLight started USABO training class for students in 7th to 12th grade., every year we have 30% to 50% of total students qualifying for the semifinals, and every year we've had one student qualify for the finals to the top 20 in the entire nation. In 2018 total 17 students qualified as semifinalist and  two of them are in the national top 50. (each year there are only a total of 20 finalists nationally). In 2019 at least 28 students qualified as semifinalist. One third of these students are in or below the 9th grade.

Every year we have 9th graders qualifying for the USABO semifinal.

Most of our students receive a score of 5 on their AP biology test.

Many of them score an 800 on the SAT II Biology.

Sample of Mrs. Webster's online teaching Videos:
How Mrs. Webster uses drawing and textbook @
How Mrs. Webster teaches online using textbook and notes @
How Mrs webster explains to middle schoolers @

Mrs. Webster reads the "group chat" so she can see student comments and questions. (Student videos and sound are usually OFF to reduce distractions/chaos.)

ClassDateTimeTuitionClass DayInstructorFor Whom
USABO Test Prep 2
(cont'd of 1)
1/10-2/7/212:00-5:00pm$600/5 lessons or
No free trial
Mrs. WebsterFor students who have AP biology or USABO background
AP Biology Test Prep2/21-5/9/21
1:45-4:45pm$1250/12 lessons or $110/lessonSundayMrs. Webstertest date 5/14/21
Honors biology2/21-5/30/2112:00-1:30pm$750/15 lessons, or $55 for each lessonSundayMrs. WebsterFor 6th to 9th graders
For class less than 4 students. by request1:1
USABO $150/hr
AP, H $100/hr for 1 on 1
$65/hr for 1 on 2
$55/hr for 1 on 3
$45/hr for 1 on 4
*We offer the first class as a trial for course more than 8 days. If you are not satisfied after the trial, you may cancel and are not required to pay tuition for that one class. If you would like to continue, you must pay for all classes, including the first class.
*No tuition refund after class 3.
*Classes are offered both online and onsite.
*Students who miss a class can make it up by watching videos of the class and coming to the teacher with any questions.
*All tuition fees are for group classes with more than four students

*We accept the following payments:Make a note of student name and class/date(important!) on the payment.

  1. Check payable to SpringLight Education
  2. Online banking pay to: For most online bank its free, ask your bank for Zelle pay for details about your online sending money.

Payment need to be received before the 2nd class. Late payment will have $50 penalty.