College Essay Workshop

Summer Planning Workshop

Are you wondering about how to best use your summers to prepare you for college?
Are you confused about what colleges are looking to see on your future application?

Students need to leverage their summer breaks to explore, grow, and build character. This workshop will help you understand what colleges are seeking from their applicants, and how you can set yourself apart from other students. We will teach you how to choose meaningful activities that help define your interests and showcase your talents.

This workshop will help you:

  • Understand what colleges are looking for in your resume
  • Develop ideas for independent projects
  • Understand the importance of stepping out of your comfort zone
  • Learn something about yourself
  • Get ideas that you probably hadn’t thought about before
  • Select the right activities for you
  • Understand the process for getting a summer job or internship
  • Understand the different goals and options for each grade level
  • Begin to write application essays for summer programs
  • Receive feedback on your essays

Workshop Video only: $50.

After we receive your payment, we will send you the workshop video and

Slides are at HERE and HERE.

Individual summer planning consultation and essay editing after the workshop: $220/hour.
Send email to with the subject "2020 Summer Program Planning" for your request or register at


This class is taught by Kathy Tang and Barb Takahashi, College & Career Advisors at Lynbrook High School. Both Kathy and Barb have certificates from the College Admissions Program at UC Berkeley Extension, and have frequent interaction with college admissions officers and summer program representatives. Their knowledge and extensive experience working with high-achieving students make them ideally suited to guide students with their summer plans.


We accept the following payments:

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2016 Session 1

Writing college application essays doesn't have to be difficult! This workshop will teach students how to get started and how to write effective and interesting application essays. This is the first workshop in a summer series featuring a range of counselors and essay editors for better practices on essay writing. SpringLight's counselors and editors have helped our students get into colleges where they are happy and that fit them best.

Our first session will include these topics:

  • Learn about the importance of well-written essays
  • Understand what College Admission Officers are looking for in an essay
  • Learn how to come up with essay topics
  • Learn how to structure an essay
  • Study a sample essay
  • Practice writing an essay

Using information from this workshop, you could get your essays done during summer break. Get prepared for college applications now!

2016 Session 2

College application essays are short, yet there is so much you need to communicate! This workshop will teach students how to condense and how to elaborate for effective and succinct application essays.

This is the second workshop in a summer series featuring a range of counselors and essay editors for the best practices on essay writing. Students should bring to class already-written essays they wish to improve upon.

Our session will include these topics:

  • Qualities that College Admission Officers look for in the language and tone of an essay
  • Meeting the word count without losing details
  • Demonstrating passion and interest in your subject
  • Making a cliché subject more personal
  • Wrintg a "why this school?" essay
  • Maintaining focus and clarity
  • Expressing confidence without sounding arrogant
  • Practice editing your own essays

Get prepared for college applications now!

2016 Session 3

The UC Application has a couple of new essays called Personal Insight Questions. Learn how to write these essays and how to better leverage your talents for admission. Understand why the new questions are better for you, even though you have to write two more essays. Bring your resume or a list of your extracurricular activities to guide you as you begin writing.

The session will include:

  • Understand some of the difference among the UC campuses
  • How to select a major for your UC applications
  • How to write the Personal Insight Questions in order to receive the best evaluation score
  • Understand the competition when applying to UC College of Engineering, and how you can stand out
  • Learn why the Common App essays are different than UC essays, and why you should not use the same essays for both
  • Write one or more of your UC Personal Insight Questions and receive feedback during class