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SpringLight USABO Training Results

2021 Breaking News! FIVE of SpringLight's students Qualified USABO Finalist/Camp!

SpringLight guarantees success. Since Winter of 2013 SpringLight started USABO training class for students in 7th to 12th grade., every year we have 30% to 50% of total students qualifying for the semifinals, and every year we've had some students qualified for the finals to the top 20 in the entire nation. In 2018 total 17 students qualified as semifinalist and  two of them are in the national top 50. 

In 2019 at least 28 of our students qualified as semifinalist--one third of those students were 9th graders or younger.

Most of our USABO students also receive a score of 5 on their AP biology test.

Most of our students receive a score of 5 on their AP biology test.

In Fall of 2015 we had a student who, by participating in the online video class model, got a score of 36 on the USABO open exam in February 2016 and qualified for the semi-final, scored 149 on the USABO semifinal exam in March 2016 and qualified for the final. He was accepted by all of the top colleges he applied to. In 2017 a SpringLight's student qualified as finalist also only took our online class.

USABO Training Class


​Test Book: Campbell Biology (9th Edition)

The Online Video Packege includes:

  1. Reading Guide: Format is Google Doc.
  2. Videos: Private Videos.  Total 15 sessions. Each session has around 3 hours video.
  3. Home Work: multiple choice and free response questions

It is recommended that students have some biology background.
Class Goal: To improve student’s GPA and AP score, reach USABO Open exam
SpringLight also offer online same time class which the students can have interaction with the teacher.

Course description:
The classis to prepare students for the USABO competition by
(1) covering every single chapter in Campbell Biology 9th edition text
(2) completing a variety of practice problems
(3) reading and discussing a variety of supplementary materials

Suggestion for students to study online video AP/USABO class:
1.Follow the Reading Guide to read the Campbell Biology textbook first.
2. Watch the class video and take class notes.
3. Do the homework.

Contact:, Phone: 408-480-7547; wechat ID: bayecho


Order Mrs. Webster's Online Video Biology Class

To order the online video class, please send email to, with the subject title as "Biology Online Video" with the student's name, gmail address and parent's name, phone number, email address, and the video class name.

We accept the following payments: Make a note of student name and class/date(important!) on the payment.

  1. Online banking pay through Zelle: Payee's Business name: SpringLight Education. For most online banks it's free, ask your bank for Zelle pay for details about your online sending money.
  2. Check payable to SpringLight Education, you can email the front and back pictures of the check to us. Or send the paper check to us by mail, or drop it off at our office.

2023 summer Honors Biology Class Video: $1000

2023 summer AP Biology Class Video: $1,170

2023 summer Advanced USABO Class Video: $1,080

2023 summer USABO Class Video: $1,620

(The whole package + self-grading available for homework + answer email questions.)

The extra private tutoring fee is $100/hr. (Each tutoring session be a minimum of 30 minutes)

There are three methods for tutoring if students need one-on-one tutoring:

1. Email (students send a list of questions and the teacher replies with answers)

2. Phone call

3. Skype (Face to face meeting online)

(Students can try a 30 minute video for free.)

Mrs. Webster

With over 10 years of tutoring and editing experience, Mrs. Webster specializes in teaching biology, preparing students for standardized testing, and editing college applications. Funny, articulate, and knowledgeable, she is often referred to as "the best teacher" by her students.

Raised by Jewish parents, Mrs. Webster was a National Merit Scholar. Funded by a thirty-thousand dollar writing scholarship, she earned a BS in biology minoring in Studio Art at Lake Forest College, Illinois. She the studied neuroscience at UAB and received a M.S. in Biomedical Science.