Computer Science

Class Date Time Price Class Day Holiday Teacher
Advenced Java/USACO Bronze 9/23 to 12/2 9:30am-12:00pm $800/10 sessions Saturdays No class 11/25 Mrs. Grace
Java programming 9/9 to 12/16 9:30am-12:00pm $900 /15 lessons Saturday
Java programming 9/12 to 12/5 4:00-6:00pm $680/12 lessions Tuesday
C++ programming 9/7 to 12/7 4:00-6:00pm $680/12 lessions Thursday No class 11/23
Swift programming 9/13 to 12/6 4:00-6:00pm $680/12 lessions Wednesdy No class 11/22
Python programming 9/15 to 12/8 4:00-6:00pm $680/12 lessions Friday No class 11/24
USACO Platinum 9/10-11/12 1:30-3:30pm $1000/10 lessions(1:3 and more)
$120/hr 1:1
$70/hr 1:2
Sundays Registeration: Qin
AP computer science prep (test date 5/11/2018) 2/27 to 5/6 10:00am-12:00pm $980/15 lessions Saturday

Pay the tuition

You can drop or mail your check payable to SpringLight to 20432 Silverado Ave. Suite 7, San Jose, CA 95014 or PayPal to

*We offer one trial class (the first class of each course), and if you are not satisfied after the first class, you may cancel and are not required to pay tuition for it.
*Students who miss a class can make it up by watching videos of the class and coming to the teacher with any questions.
*All tuition fees are for group classes with more than four students