Honors Biology


For middle schoolers and 9th graders without any biology background, this class will serve as an enriching introduction to the subject that creates a strong foundation for high school biology classes.  Our students describe the class as fun and interesting, even over zoom, as the teacher prioritizes student interest and engagement.

We will cover biochemistry, cell and molecular biology, physiology and botany to form a strong foundation for future learning (be it freshman high school biology, Science Bowl, Science Olympiad, or AP Biology).

Class is held synchronously, over zoom.  Students who miss a class are welcome to watch class recording and email the teacher with any questions.

Good News!

Since 2017 our honors biology middle school students, all who took AP Bio as 9th graders scored a 5 in their exam.  Most of the honors bio students confidently take AP Biology and USABO training when they become high school freshmen.

Should Middle School students take Biology Honors?

SpringLight Education is offering a chance for middle school students to take Biology Honors, a high school level course. However, is taking such a course at a young age pushing students too hard?

SpringLight makes sure that every one of our courses has a high level of quality, and a compelling reason for students to take each course.

Middle school students have a strong desire to learn, and exposing them to biology early on jump-starts their passion for science. Compared to other sciences, biology is accessible because it focuses on the plants, animals, and bodily functions we interact with from birth.   Even when teaching about molecules and cells, Mrs. Webster makes sure that students can visualize and fully imagine the processes being discussed.

Science Bowl and Science Olympiad are rigorous competitions that are very challenging to do well in. Most students who have qualified for further rounds have a history of studying biology from middle school. Lynbrook’s and Harker’s Science Bowl teams have both placed very well in the past few years, and many of their team members started learning biology early on. Most of the top twenty qualifiers for the USABO camp also started studying biology in middle school.

Learning biology early is not pushing our students too much, and it plants the seed of science in their hearts. By the time they are in high school, this seed will sprout.

SpringLight’s biology teacher, Mrs. Webster, grew up from a traditional, academically focused family, and holds a degree in Biology. She has over ten years of teaching experience, and her classes are very lively and interactive. Mrs. Webster has a focus on helping develop a passion for biology in each of her students. Many of her students have emerged from her classes with a love for biology.

If you would like to know more about Mrs. Webster’s biology AP, and USABO classes, please check:

Sample of Mrs. Webster's online teaching Videos:https://youtu.be/XlsS6SVEeZM
How Mrs. Webster uses drawing and textbook @ https://youtu.be/g09UFIApgGE
How Mrs. Webster teaches online using textbook and notes @ https://youtu.be/btKb4e0lUJI
How Mrs webster explains to middle schoolers @ https://youtu.be/QI_cICPWUR8

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