Advanced USABO

This class is for highly motivated USABO competition students who feel like the regular USABO class is too much of a review (for example, for students who have already ready most of Campbell).
To keep ourselves challenged and to continue growing our biology knowledge, we will learn anatomy and physiology using Tortora and Derrickson’s 13th edition of Principles of Anatomy and Physiology. If students request, we can also cover certain plant biology chapters from Stern’s Introductory Plant Biology.
We will also learn how to read and analyze primary literature—this is useful skill for any future scientist, and especially one who is planning to intern in a lab as a highschooler!
This is the first time we are offering this course, but students who have taken our regular USABO courses have been very successful in the past: over 10 of our students made it to semifinals in 2017.
Students who miss a class can make it up by watching videos of the class and coming to the teacher with any questions.

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