USABO Semifinal Prep

Would you like to stand out at the USABO semifinal test on March 31, 1PM (PT)/4PM (ET) ?

SpringLight's biology teacher Mrs. Webster, the #1 biology teacher in the Bay Area, will offer USABO semifinal training lessons from 3/6 to 3/27, 2022.

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You can take the lessons with the topics you are interested (Same time on Zoom and/or class video). We will record all of the classes. We offer students class videos and study material for each class they will attend.


2021 USABO Semifinal Training Videos

Classes on Friday, 7-9PM (2 hours)

3/26 review of core respiration, photosynthesis, C4 CAM (based on only Campbell text)
4/2  review of core neuron function, nervous system, senses 
4/9  review of core techniques (Campbell Ch 20)

Classes on Saturday, 1-4PM (3 hours)

3/20 core and advanced plant signaling, reproduction; (if time, plant phylogeny)
3/27  Core and advanced digestion, excretion, metabolism, related hormones
4/3 Core and advanced endocrine system, immune system, circulatory system
4/10 Advanced techniques and technique related problems; other advanced topics (enzyme kinetics, advanced genetics problems) if time.

Classes on Saturday, 5-8PM (3 hours)

3/13  core and advanced plant structure, tissues, transport
3/20 2020 USABO semifinal (answering student questions)
3/27  2018 USABO semifinal (answering student questions)
4/3  2017 USABO semifinal (answering student questions)
4/10  2016 USABO semifinal (answering student questions)

Each 3 hours lesson: $120
Each 2 hours lesson: $80
All of the 12 lessons (total 33 hours): $1,000

Classes will be fully remote on Zoom. For those of you who are interested in a topic but unable to attend a class due to scheduling, registering will buy you the class recording and any materials for the day. There is no discount for those who only purchase recordings.

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