AP Physics 1

AP Physics 1 Textbook Explanation

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This summer AP Physics 1 course will take five weeks (30 hours in total) to complete the entire AP Physics 1 course standard set by the College Board. This course has no prerequisite for students’ physics background. This course will lay a solid foundation for students to prepare for next year’s AP Physics 1 standard examination or to prepare for next year’s U.S. Physics Olympiad F=ma competition. It will also enable students to more confidently study school-related courses and improve their school performance.

This course uses The Princeton Review Cracking the AP Physics 1 Exam 2017 Edition as the textbook. The main reason for choosing this book is based on the characteristics of this course – students will use five weeks to complete what they normally need an entire school year to study. The book is characterized by its reasonable structure, conciseness, and emphasis.  Some students are busy during the summer break so it is difficult for them to have time to read long textbook materials. They would waste a lot of time reading some non-focused details, and they would have less time to master basic physics knowledge. Based on this consideration and past teaching experience, we chose the Princeton Review book to help students improve their reading efficiency. The explanations in the textbook are very concise and logical, so it’s more effective for students to understand. This textbook focuses on the basic concepts of physics, making it easy for students to master the main contents of AP Physics 1 in a short period of time. Each chapter of this book has a summary after reading, which is convenient for students to review and consolidate knowledge. In addition, each chapter is followed by a selection of exercises that allow students to practice how to apply what they have learned. The instructor will explain and supplement in class some of the important details that this book lacks to help students learn basic physics comprehensively.

暑期AP Physics 1 课程及教材说明

本暑期AP Physics 1 课程将用五个星期(共三十个学时)完成College Board所规定的标准AP Physics 1 的全部内容的教学。这一课程对学生已有的物理水平无特别要求。这一课程将为学生打下一个坚实的物理基础以准备明年的AP Physics 1标准考试或者预备明年的奥林匹克物理F=ma竞赛,同时也能使学生更有自信的学习学校相关课程,提升校内课程表现。

本课程使用The Princeton Review Cracking the AP Physics 1 Exam 2017 Edition作为教材。选择此书的主要原因是基于这一课程的特点——学生将用五个星期学完一学年需要学习的内容。暑假繁忙,学生很难有时间去阅读长篇幅的标准教科书,他们将会花费大量的时间去阅读一些非重点的具体细节上,而不能很好的掌握基础物理的知识主干。正是基于这一考虑和以往教学的经历,我们选择了Princeton Review这一书以帮助学生提高学习阅读效率。此书的特点是结构合理,简明扼要,重点突出。书中的论述十分简洁,但条例清晰,便于学生理解。其所论述的内容,都为基础物理的核心重点,便于学生在很短时间内即可掌握AP Physics 1的主干内容。此书每章都有课后小结,便于学生复习巩固;章节后附带了精选的习题,便于学生练习如何应用所学知识,加强知识理解。除此之外,老师将在课堂上讲解和补充此书所缺少的一些细节,帮助孩子全面的学习基础物理。