Regular Chemistry for 9th and 8th Graders

Normally, high school chemistry class starts in 10th grade. SpringLight Education is offering a chance for 9th and middle school students to take their high school level chemistry class early.

As a WASC accredited institute, SpringLight makes sure that every one of our courses is high quality and offers a compelling reason for students to take each course.

Science Bowl and Science Olympiad are rigorous competitions that are very challenging to succeed in. Most students who have qualified for further rounds have a history of studying subjects like biology and chemistry from middle school. Lynbrook’s and Harker’s Science Bowl teams have both placed very well in the past few years, and most of their team members started learning high school science early.

Learning chemistry before 10th grade can not only help student explore and find their interest in science early, but more importantly, it can build a strong foundation for students to prepare and succeed in taking honors/AP chemistry and AP biology which are important core courses among the high school classes. SpringLight’s Chemistry class is not only comprised of theoretical lectures, students will also have the opportunity to do several interesting chemistry experiments.

Small group class. Seats are limited. Register today!

Instructor: Dr. Ho and Dr. He are our chemistry teachers with a focus on the honors, AP, SAT subject test, and USNCO levels. Their teaching philosophy is to emphasize the fundamental concepts of chemistry and chemical principles, and knows how to apply the key points in those concepts or principles to solve problems. All of their students enjoy their teaching and their school grades increased quickly in a short time.