AP Chemistry Preview In The Summer

Course Description 

This is a bridge course overlapping both Honor Chemistry and a more rigorous AP Chemistry curriculum. The aim of this course is to help students build a strong foundation for basic concepts, make up the missing parts in previous learning, and selectively preview the main topics that will be covered by AP Chemistry.  This course is mainly designed for students who have completed Honor Chemistry at school. However, it is also suitable for student who does not have any chemistry background, but is willing to challenge him/herself.


Session  Topics 
1 Elements; isotopes, elemental composition of pure substance; oxidation numbers; chemical formula 
2 Stoichiometry, limiting and excess reagent, yield,  
3 Chemical reactions, general rules of precipitation formation, net ionic equation 
4 Lab basics, gravimetric analysis
5 Lewis structure, VSEPR, molecular geometry 
6 Atomic structure and electron configuration
7 Mid-term review; Problem solving session
8 Thermochemistry and Hess Law
9 Gas, ideal gas law, kinetic molecular theory 
10 Intermolecular forces, Phase diagram, Types of crystalline solid
11 Solutions, concentration of solutions, colligative property of solution  
12 Kinetics, rate law, first order and second order reaction 
13 Equilibrium, Le Chatelier’s Principle, Solubility equilibria (Ksp)  
14 Weak acid and weak base 
15 Titration (Acid-base titration and Redox titration) 


Textbook: Brown, T.; LeMay, H.E.; Bursten, B.E.; Murphy, C.; Woodward, P. M.; Stoltzfus, M., Chemistry The Central Science, 13th Ed. 

Reference Book: Jespersen, et.al; Barron’s AP Chemistry, 8th ed