【8/8 Saturday】Preparing for USABO and how USABO Prepared an MIT CS/Math graduate

Roger Jin went to West-Windsor Plainsboro High School North in New Jersey and recently graduated from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology with a double major in Computer Science and Mathematics and a minor in Biology.  He is currently a Machine Learning intern at Apple and will return to MIT next year for a Master's in Computer Science. 

His achievements include:

  • Two-time USA Biology Olympiad Finalist
  • Roivant Biotech Pitch Competition Finalist
  • Research intern in computational biology at Dana Farber Cancer Institute
  • Software intern at AT&T Research
  • 6th Place at the National Brain Bee
  • 6th Place in Cell Biology, National Science Olympiad
  • 1st Place in Protein Modeling, National Science Olympiad

What he will be covering:

  • How he prepared for USABO, including what resources he used and the study system he still uses today
  • How he managed studying for an olympiad along with school and extracurriculars
  • Life and death at MIT, and how USABO prepared him

What students can get:

  • A study system applicable to almost any field
  • Advice on how you can make the USABO Top 20
  • Tips on how to structure your goals and activities in high school so they synergize
  • Why you should go to MIT

What parents can get:

How you can give your child a huge advantage in their USABO preparation

Time: August 8th, Saturday, 11 am to 12:30 pm PT


Online Zoom

Register @http://tiny.cc/USABOMIT

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