4/25/2015 seminar:How to discover your art talent and prepare your art portforlio for college

Questions asked by parents who have signed up:
– In addition to preparing the portforlio, does Brian pick an art form he will focus on and does he choose the school based on what he wants to focus on?
– How important is GPA and SAT / ACT scores compared to art portfolio?
– What are somethings to pay special attention for the art portfolio pieces? Any lessons and key learnings? How best to demonstrate creativity through the art portfolio.
– Most art schools now don’t ask for recommendation letters? Do you think recommendations letters are still important? What are your suggestions regarding this?
– From your observation, what are some easy to apply art schools and some most difficult ones?
Judging solely off his GPA and his SAT scores, Brian seems to be just another average Asian boy. It wasn’t until he was in middle school that he realized he had a liking for art. When Brian became a freshman, he took Drafting instead of Art I, due to the difficulty in being selected for the latter. However, when he became a junior, he was able to convince the art teacher to let him skip into Art 3.
At first, Brian had no idea how to even start an art portfolio. Even without a private art teacher, he was utilized all the resources available to him at his high school and produced an incredibly creative portfolio. The end result? Brian was accepted by every school he applied to.
Brian attended a very competitive high school. In the midst of peers who had strong academic accolades, how did his parents help him express his talents?
Even if you’re not appling to an art school, an art portfolio can bolster your college application and help you stand out. Don’t have years of art experience? That’s ok! You can still make an art portfolio even for those top colleges and make your application shine.

从GPA和SAT上看,Brian在他的高中是个极为普通的亚裔学生。从他憨厚的表情,他也是一位极为平常的学生。他上初中的Art课时,才意识到自己喜欢艺术。9年级的选课,因为知道很难选到最热门的Art I,他学的是drafting。到11年级,他竟然可以说服老师让他直接上Art 3的课。

他从11年级开始准备他的Art portforlio时,还没什么主意。在完全没有私人绘画老师private art teacher的情况下,他仅仅受教于自己高中的艺术老师,完成了有创意的作品集,以至于得到了所有他所申请的艺术院校的录取。




您的孩子想要用art portforlio 作为申请大学的增加光彩的部分吗?


Address: 1340 S De Anza Blvd. Suite 204, San Jose, CA 95129
Time: April 25th, Saturday 1:30-3:30pm.
Fee: $30/person. $50/two family members
Contact: 408-366-2204spring.light.edu@gmail.com
Registration: CLICK HERE.
What he will cover:
* Brian‘s high school experience
* How he started with little confidence and prepared an art portfolio
* How to find your own passions
* How to develop those passions
* How to use all the resources available to you
* Successfully do the college application by yourself
* The role of the parent in college apps, especially in moderation
Brian 将分享他分享如何從沒有信心、找不到自己定位的青少年,如何找到自己的興趣,培養獨立性,忠於自己的喜好及執著。從找尋資源,自我學習,選擇學校,學校申請及最後入學學校的決定,都是自己從始至終完成,並且能重新被肯定,得到因自己努力所得來的成就感。

Brian’s portfolio can be seen at: http://brianpea.tumblr.com

The following is a list of schools that Brian has been accepted to:

Rhode Island School of Design 
University of California, Los Angeles
Emily Carr University of Art and Design
Maryland Institute College of Art
Minneapolis College of Art and Design
Otis College of Art and Design
San Jose State University
Savannah College of Art and Design
School of Visual Arts
陳巧文博士, 從事薬物研發近16年,並取得神學院家庭輔導事工碩士。致力推廣華人社區精神心理健康的教育、關懷及輔導。於 Santa Clara County Mental Health Department 負責華人精神心理健康推廣,NAMI全國精神心理疾病聯盟-合格教師,華人家庭互助團體負責人,生命河基金會精神心理事工負責人及宇宙光關懷輔導同工。身為兩個兒子的母親,在精神心理健康推廣中,體會現今華裔青少年的精神心理問題,也在輔導過程中,學習如何幫助自己的孩子,建立信心,找到自我價值,追求自己的夢想,建立身心靈的健康,並培養能夠接受挑戰、挫折的人格。

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