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2017 USACO Silver Online and Onsite class May-July

2017 USACO Silver Online and Onsite class is for the students who are at the silver level and to prepare them to take the qualification test for USACO Gold level.

Prerequisite: Java or C++; You can check what you know here:

Time:Starting May 12th on this Friday evenings, 6:30-9:00pm。

Tuition:$900/12 Sessions

Address:Online at; Onsite at 20432 Silverado Ave Ste.7, Cupertino, CA 95014



要求:有一定的JAVA与 c++ 基础。请查看

Instructor Mr. Qin has more than 3 years teaching experience for programming, AP CS and all level of USACO and more than 8 years programming contest experience. All of his students at SpringLight got level promotion. Several of them got perfect score to silver, gold and/or platinum levels. He will not only systematically teach the algorithm and other concepts used in USACO, but also problem solving skills with logic thinking.

秦老师有着丰富的programming,AP CS 和USACO计算机奥赛的教学经验,并取得了显著的教学成果:去年夏天开始跟秦老师从USACO最初级铜级(Bronze)在USACO竞赛中取得了最高级白金级(Platinum)。而且不少同学满分晋级银级Silver和金级Gold和白金级Platinum,以及正在努力finalist。秦老师将他丰富的教学及竞赛经验结合生动的例子整理出了一堂堂干货”满满的系统性教学来帮助学生夯实基础,详解算法,解题技巧,逻辑思考,开拓思路。

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