2017 Computer Science / USACO Bronze Online and Onsite class

Of all Olympiad competitions (USABO, USAPhO, USAMO, etc.), the USA Computing Olympiad (USACO) has the smallest participation. There are also four competitions every year – all other Olympiads take place only once a year. The participation every time is only around one to two thousand students, with no limit on the number of awards given […]

2017 USACO Silver Online and Onsite class May-July

2017 USACO Silver Online and Onsite class is for the students who are at the silver level and to prepare them to take the qualification test for USACO Gold level. Prerequisite: Java or C++; You can check what you know here: https://goo.gl/09DoXw Time:Starting May 12th on this Friday evenings, 6:30-9:00pm。 Tuition:$900/12 Sessions Address:Online at online.springlighteducation.com; […]