Introduction to Web Design & Development

Time:Starting June 12th at afternoon 2:00-5:00pm

Tuition:$300/5 Sessions

Address:Online at; Onsite at 20432 Silverado Ave Ste.7, Cupertino, CA 95014



    Living in the Bay Area places us next to some of the fastest growing tech companies in the world – their exciting products like YouTube, Facebook, AirBnB, and Uber have become critical in our personal and professional lives. This course aims to teach the fundamentals to one of the skillsets most sought after in the industry – designing websites and developing their functionality.

    Introduction to Web Design & Development is a summertime class taught with beginner/intermediate skill levels in mind and seeks to spark the interest of students in fun, dynamic websites. Each day will feature a solid introduction to a major development tool – HTML, CSS, and Javascript – and get students writing code while seeing exactly how their changes affect the end product. The goal is to work from scratch to build understanding but also keep students motivated rather than front-load tedious elements like practicing syntax. At the conclusion of the class, each student will have experienced the basics of web design and wrote a project they can personalize and expand.

    Whether your student is interested in building their own blog, creating a university portfolio, or just curious about the design of the websites they use everyday, this course will serve to capture their attention and grant them useful new tools.  


[Day 1] Introducing the exciting web ecosystem

  • See some of the most fun and incredibly artistic designs on the web
  • Modify existing websites to see how easy development can be to get into

[Day 2] Creating with HTML

  • Learn HTML building blocks and organization
  • Build a publishable static page

[Day 3] Beautifying with CSS

  • Experiment with how websites can change instantly with style rules
  • Create a colorful art piece through writing code

[Day 4] Animating with Javascript

  • Use conventional coding to identify and change website behavior
  • Bring photos and menus to life with motion 

[Day 5] Putting it all together 

  • See how every tool works in tandem to make a finished product
  • Develop an online music sampling keyboard

    This course will be taught by Jason Tian, a Duke University graduate with degrees in Electrical Engineering and Visual Arts that specializes in software design. Jason is an industry professional that also has several years experience working with middle and high school students. The lessons will move at a fast pace, but are built around the principle that design is a skill easy to get into yet incredibly deep and satisfying to develop – and a springboard to an amazing hobby or career.

    Students will need usage of a laptop and common programs such as Google Chrome and Sublime Text. Advanced pupils interested in the subject matter can continue onto a specialized course that focuses on preparing a published personalized college portfolio.