Web Development

More and more colleges give students options with their personal websites to present their background, talents, or creativity.

Creating a website now is incredibly simple - design templates are everywhere, and you don't need to know any code to get it up and running. But if you want to make your website truly stand out, learning web design opens a world of possibilities.

Building your own unique website is a great portfolio project for  internship/business opportunities and demonstrates to show colleges that you have a genuine interest in computer science and technology.

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Course description

HTML, CSS, JavaScript - 

All web pages like corporate websites, blogs, wikis, and online retail websites, are built on the same underlying code structure called HTML - Hypertext Markup Language. HTML serves as the foundation for web content of all types. Learning HTML is the starting point for anyone who wants to craft new pages, edit existing web content, or design web interfaces. This hands-on HTML training provides the skill for web programming and to develop the website from scratch.

In this course you will learn to create a web page, style the content,   and bring your ideas to life. You will learn to create layouts that are responsive and adapt to changes in window size or screen resolution. Most importantly, you’ll have the opportunity to create a website that is all your own, an excellent addition to any project portfolio for design or technology students.


Day 1 Intro to web development and HTML

  • Learn about the basic HTML Tags that make up a website

Day 2 Intro to CSS

  • Experiment with styling HTML elements individually and by class

Day 3 Building a Basic Website

  • Paper Prototyping
  • Nest HTML Elements
  • Style with CSS

Day 4 Build Your Own Basic Website 

  • Apply our methodology to create your own site!

Day 5 Finalize and Present Your Own Website


No programming experience is required.

No system requirements.

For student 7th to 12th

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Students’ sample work


Ophir Silverman has a combined 6 years of industry experience in technology with 4 years of professional teaching. As a teacher, he was able to provide students with a fun, approachable, and practical introduction to programming of all kinds, from solving problems with Data Science to developing Mobile Applications, Websites, and Services.

Ophir strives to teach programming through relatable examples and to give students the skills they need to complete their own projects and land internships or professional opportunities. He enjoys producing music, designing software, and going on outdoor adventures with his beautiful fiance and daughter.

Ophir holds a BS in Computer Science and BA in Philosophy from Brandeis University in Waltham, MA.

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