Introduction to Web Design with HTML/CSS/JavaScript

HTML, CSS, JavaScript - Course description

All web pages like corporate websites, blogs, wikis, and online retail websites, are built on the same underlying code structure called HTML - Hypertext Markup Language. HTML serves as the foundation for web content of all types. Learning HTML is the starting point for anyone who wants to craft new pages, edit existing web content, or design web interfaces. This hands-on HTML training provides the skill for web programming and to develop the website from scratch.

In this course you will learn to create a web page, put the headings, paragraphs, email link, hyperlink, style the content, create bulleted and numbered list, link different sections of same page, display tabular data in neat rows and columns, link other pages, create link to social websites like Facebook, Twitter, embed images and photos in a web page and many more topics.

Later it gives insight into styling of the website using CSS, making pages interactive & dynamic using JavaScript programming and combining HTM5, CSS & JavaScript to develop very useful and intelligent web pages/sites.

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Prithvi Raj Maipady (Prit) is an educational specialist holds BE degree in Electronics Engineering from Bangalore University India and MS degree in Software systems from BITS Pilani India.  He has been a faculty of Computer Science in engineering colleges and universities in India and US. He was an Education Specialist at Cisco and L&D Program manager at HP. He has developed e-learning courses and managed L&D projects. He started his career as a software developer. He has been training students in Python, C++ and web programming languages - HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. He has a passion for teaching and his Python class attracts students of all ages.

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