Free physics workshop

(The seminar will be in English)
The workshop location will be at the Home of Christ in Saratoga. Address: 20548 Lomita Ave, Saratoga, CA 95070

SpringLight is a WASC-accredited education organization. We have successfully provided physics classes for more than five years. Most of our students score perfect 800s on the SAT II Physics exam and 5s on all four AP Physics exams. 30% to 50% of our students qualify for the semifinals of the USAPhO every year; many of them have achieved bronze, silver and gold medals, some of them qualified for the national camp.

春晖教育是得到WASC教育认证的机构。物理课是春晖教育多年来的特色课程。 无论SAT II得到800分,各类 AP物理得到5分的学生比比皆是。物理奥赛从semifinalist的铜银金奖到进入奥赛集训队Camp,一个个学生进入理想大学。

Dr. Liu will present:

*The importance of physics in the college application process (different physics classes, SAT II physics, four physics APs, physics contests, science fairs with physics-based topics, etc.)
*The current situation and climate of high school physics
*How to plan physics study efficiently and effectively
*How to study physics before 10th grade
*物理在大学申请中的作用(各种物理课,SAT 物理,4个AP物理,各类物理竞赛,物理类science fair等)

*He will give a 20-minute trial lecture for conceptual physics (geared toward students without any prior exposure to physics).
Time: 7:00-8:30pm, April 19th. 2017, Wednesday
Address: 20548 Lomita Ave, Saratoga, CA 95070
Contact: 408-480-7547, 408-982-5959,
The seminar is for parents and students between 5th and 10th grade.

About the Instructor:

Dr. Liu graduated from UCSB with a PhD in Electrical and Computer Engineering under Prof H Kroemer (who won the Nobel Prize in Physics, 2000) and Hong Kong University with a BSc, also in Electrical and Computer Engineering. Dr. Liu has extensive research background in semiconductor physics, was a session chairman for various international conferences in semiconductors and Molecular Beam Epitaxy, holds 8 US patents and 2 European patents.
Dr. Liu has been tutoring and mentoring middle school and high school students in the areas of
*Algebra I and II, Geometry, Trig, Pre-Calc, AP Calculus AB and BC; AMC 8/10/12
*Physics, AP Physics 1 and 2, AP Physics C (Mechanics and E/M); F=ma and USAPhO
*Java programming, AP Computer Science A
*Science Fair
Awards his tutored students have achieved include: (1) Silver Medal Semifinalist, USA Physics Olympiad (2) Gold Division, USA Computing Olympiad (3) Qualifier, USA (Junior) Math Olympiad, American Invitational Mathematics Examination (4) Finalist, Intel International Science and Engineering Fair (5) Top awards in Physical Science Category in Regional Science Fairs (Synopsys Silicon Valley Science and Technology Championship); Qualifier, California State Science Fair.

廖老师是电子工程博士,师从诺贝尔物理得奖教授Prof H Kroemer。他有二十多年教学经验。他思路清晰,讲课有趣味,擅长深入浅出。

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