2018 NACLO test registration has started.

SpringLight has had 2 years of NACLO training class. Our first instructor of that class was admitted into Stanford.

One of our students, Nelson Niu, passed the first and second round and qualified as a finalist in 2016. He represented the US red team and was awarded an individual silver medal in the 14th International Linguistics Olympiad.  Nelson ranked the national No. 1 for the NACLO open exam in 2017. He is currently studying at MIT.

Nelson taught the NACLO training class at SpringLight in the fall of 2016. Several of his students qualified for the Spring 2017 semifinal.

NACLO 2018 Dates

For the student in the Bay Area, you can register for the test at your high school (Harker only hosts for their students), or Stanford. You also can register for the test at SpringLight.

The is no registration fee for the NACLO test.

To register, go to http://www.nacloweb.org/register_student.php

If the student takes the test at SpringLight, to confirm your seat, you need to pay $30 deposit. When the student shows up at the test, we will return the deposit to you.

We do this in order to guarantee seats for your student. Seats are limited, and in the past, students have registered but not show up. Students who register late therefore have no seats left due to no-show registrations.

If you are interested in the NACLO online training class, you can visit HERE.