USACO (USA computer Olympiad) Bronze/Silver/Gold/Platinum Winter Camp

2019-2020 USACO Contest Schedule

Dec 13-16: First Contest
Jan 17-20: Second Contest
Feb 21-24: Third Contest
Mar 27-30: US Open
May 21-30: Training Camp
Jul 19-26: IOI 2020 in Singapore

Since 2013 SpringLight’s USACO class has helped most of our students reach their target contest Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Platinum levels of USACO, and even the finalist level. Some of them even got perfect scores for each of the contest. Both parents and students say that SpringLight always has the best USACO teachers available. Our teachers are responsible, reliable, knowledgeable, and talented at teaching. 

Join the USACO camp in Dec. and prepare yourself to take and win the contest in 2018!


Location: onsite at 20432 Silverado Ave, Ste 7, Cupertino, CA 95014 or online at

Contact: 408-480-7547;

The detail schedule and tuition are at

Bronze requirements: Understanding of basic Java. Can write code without syntax errors, and knows basics such as arrays, loops, conditionals.

Silver requirements: Fluency in Java or C++. Ability to consistently solve Bronze problems. You should be very familiar with conditional statements (if/else), loops (for/while), arrays, and strings. Knowledge in classes, object-oriented programming, comparators, iterators, etc. is preferred.

Gold requirements: Ability to consistently solve silver problems. The Gold material assumes knowledge of Silver class material, such as knowing how to do BFS, DFS, and sorting, as well as know how to use standard data structures like arraylists, linked lists, stacks, queues, deques, heaps (priority queues), and binary search trees (TreeMap/map, TreeSet/set).

Platinum Requirements: Already qualified USACO Platinum level.

不像其他奥赛一年只有一次竞赛,学生们往往需要从最初级开始往上层层突破,美国计算机奥赛USACO 一年共有4次比赛,参与即被认定为铜级,一旦升级至银, 金,白金等任何一级,就可以一直保持继续向前考,甚至连续升级。而且,USACO比赛人数也较少,每次全美都只有一两千人左右;不像其他奥赛通常有10%的过线的限制,USACO只要达到一定的分数线,就都可以出线,相对得奖比例和几率都很高。

春晖教育自2013年开始USACO 各级的培训, 我们大多数的学生都晋级到银, 金, 白金以及finalist。不少学生得到满分1000分。

 铜的课程是面对学过初级Java或C++的学生,想要加强自己的编程能力,预备考USACO bronze考试。(自2016年底比赛增加了白金级以后,从铜升级到银更加容易了。只要有熟练的电脑编程经验,加上一点竞赛技巧就很容易达到银。)

银级的课程是针对已经学过AP CS,或者已经考过或接近USACO Bronze,要考USACO Silver的同学。

金级的课程是对要考USACO Gold 冲白金级的同学。



上课地址:onsite at 20432 Silverado Ave, Ste 7, Cupertino, CA 95014 or online at



黄老师有着丰富的programming,AP CS 和USACO计算机奥赛的教学经验,并取得了显著的教学成果。黄老师将自己的儿子从USACO最初级铜级(Bronze)带到USACO的最高级白金级(Platinum),而且不少学生满分晋级银级Silver,以及金级Gold和白金级Platinum。黄老师将他丰富的教学及竞赛经验结合生动的例子整理出了一堂堂干货,满满的系统性教学来帮助学生夯实基础,详解算法,解题技巧,逻辑思考,开拓思路。

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