Introduction to Python


This is a college-level introduction to Programming class in Python.

Python is quickly becoming the most popular programming languages, and its libraries are used extensively in artificial intelligence and simulations.




Elementary Programming

Math Functions, Strings, and Objects




Objects and Classes

More on Strings and Special Methods

GUI Programming Using Tkinter


Mutlidimensioanl  Lists

Inheritance and Polymorphism

Files and Exception Handling

Tuples, Sets and Dictionaries


Textbook: Introduction to Programming Using Python, Daniel Liang


Dr Liu has many years of training young enthusiastic mathletes  achieving anything from perfect AMC 8 scores, to qualifying for USAJMO and USAMO. His PhD is in semiconductor Physics, under the guidance of a Nobel laureate in Physics and has worked in Hughes Research Laboratories for years, publishing 60+ peer-reviewed papers and securing 9 US and international patents.  Last decade he has designed a trading system in a trading firm, designed virtual reality software at Hewlett Packard and trained corporate customers using enterprise software from Oracle. On the side he has been working as a math coach in the Bay Area. He has won a record 11 leadership circle awards for excellence in software teaching inside Oracle.


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