Introduction to Python


This class will introduce students to the basic concepts of python programming with emphasis on hands on coding in each section. This class is basically designed to learn by coding using online IDE and Python shell. It comprises of basics of object oriented programing.  It covers importing and parsing of XML and JSON files from websites. This class also introduces designing in Python graphics. At the end students will be given projects to code based on the concepts learned.



Introduction ,Variables & Data types

1. Strings
2. Numbers
3. Lists
4. Tuple
5. Dictionary

Flow of Control

    1. While loop
    2. For loop
    3. If-else
    4. If-elif


Data structure

    1. Bubble sorting
    2. Searching
    3. Swapping
    4. Queue
    5. Stack
    6. DE queue

File I/O

Programs using File I/O and Lists

Object Oriented programming

Importing & parsing data from JSON & XML files (Websites)

Small programs to cover all concepts

End of course Project


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