AP Chemistry Test Prep Class

Chemistry plays a vital role in modern science and technology. Learning and mastering the materials in AP chemistry will help our students in college. As this year’s AP Chemistry exam is fast approaching, and the new AP Chemistry exam is becoming more and more challenging (being more difficult to score 5), the Springlight Education is now offering the AP Chemistry Test Review Course for our crazily-scheduled high school students to better prepare for this tough exam.

By closely following the new six big ideas of AP Chemistry as our guideline, this course will thoroughly review those key concepts and chemical principles in each topic. More importantly, we believe that our students will perform better if they are able to understand and master those six big ideas and apply them in solving the real problems on the test. Additionally, we will also analyze the FRQs in previous AP Chemistry tests in fine detail, as well as conduct relevant practices.

We strongly encourage, in a sense require that our students do their work in advance, and ask as many questions as possible with an emphasis on their own needs.

To do list:

  1. Summarize the key points in concepts, formulas and principles in each topic
  2. Analyze previous AP Chemistry FRQs. (Note that students are required to do those FRQs in advance)
  3. Review published AP MCQ (Note that students are required to do those MCQs in advance)
  4. Practice a lot

The course is appropriate for students who are completing an AP Chemistry course or self-studying for the AP Chemistry exam.

Prerequisite: Taking AP Chemistry or completed H. Chemistry