College admission

8/17 free seminar: How to get into Elite Colleges with both talents in the arts and majors in STEM?

If you enjoy both the arts and STEM related subjects, how would you tailor your application?

Applying to college can be a difficult process; however, Anna, a San Mateo High School graduate and incoming freshman is eager to share her experiences.

Anna was accepted to schools like Yale, Columbia, and Berkeley. She will be going through her application process and sharing what made her stand out among other students.

WHEN: August 17th, Thursday 7:00 to 8:30pm

WHERE: South Bay. We will give you the address after you register.

CONTACT:, 408-480-7547

FEE: Free


Anna plans to major in computer science and linguistics at Yale. In high school, she was a competitive dancer who received numerous scholarships and awards. She also loves technology and helped start a programming club at school and Girls Who Code in her community. In addition, she co-founder San Mateo Hacks, a student run hackathon. She placed second at the First Tech Challenge World Championships with her robotics team.


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