USAPhO F=ma Training

Kavan Doctor's F=ma Class

F=ma - 15 Classes

This class series will cover the fundamentals of mechanics necessary to pass the F=ma test and qualify for the USA Physics Olympiad.

By the end of this class series, students will be prepared to score well in the F=ma contest. This class will also build students’ abilities in physics, giving them the ability to excel in AP Physics 1 and C as well.

Students will be given homework assignments of 5-10 problems after each class to improve their problem solving abilities.

Class Length: 2 hours

3/4 to 6/10/2023, Saturday 4:00-6:00 PM

Prerequisite: Algebra 2, Trigonometry

No prior physics prerequisite required

Reference Book: Problems and Solutions in Introductory Mechanics

Course syllabus: 

Class 1: Dimensional Kinematics

Class 2: Dimensional Kinematics

Class 3: Forces (Newton’s Laws), Normal Force, Friction

Class 4: Advanced Forces, Circular Motion

Class 5: Momentum, Impulse, Collisions

Class 6: Kinetic Energy and Work

Class 7: Springs and Oscillations

Class 8: Rotational Kinematics, Inertia, Angular Momentum

Class 9: Torque and Rolling Motion

Class 10: Static Mechanics

Class 11: Gravitational Mechanics

Class 12: Fluid Mechanics

Class 13: Fictitious Forces

Class 14: Dimensional/ Error Analysis

Class 15: F=ma Problem Solving and Review



Kavan Doctor is an incoming student to Massachusetts Institute of Technology, studying Math + Computer Science. He has extensive experience in mathematics. He was top 15 on the USAJMO, earning an Honorable Mention. He also won first place and a gold medal in COMC, by getting a perfect score. He has also won first place at competitions like Berkeley Math Tournament and Caltech Harvey-Mudd Math Tournament. Kavan is a 5 time AIME qualifier and a 4 time USA(J)MO qualifier.
Additionally, he is also USACO Platinum and well versed in computer science, including Java, Python, and C++.
Kavan is also very passionate about physics and has gotten a silver medal in the USA Physics Olympiad.
Kavan is very enthusiastic and passionate about teaching and has over 4 years of teaching experience.
He is also a National Merit Finalist, getting a 1580 on the SAT and a 1500 on the PSAT.