USACO Bronze

Kavan's USACO Bronze Class

USACO Bronze training class revolves around implementation, and as a result using Python is the easiest and most efficient way to pass USACO Bronze.

This class will be a combination of problem solving and lectures based on foundational ideas critical for USACO bronze. After each class, a set of 3-4 problems with varying difficulty will be given to students for practice and review in subsequent classes.

By the end of this class series, students will be extremely competent in programming and computer science and see large growth in their Python and competitive programming abilities.


Class Length: 2.5 hours

Friday 5:00-7:30 PM

March 3 to June 9

Tuition $1125

Course Syllabus:

Class 1-5) Python Review

These 5 classes will review Python fundamentals such as loops, arrays, data types, functions, recursion, etc. This will also show Pythonic tricks and tips that can make coding much faster and easier.

Class 6) Time Complexity and Data Structures (list, sets, tuples, dictionaries)

Class 7-8) Simulation, 2D and 3D

Class 9) Greedy Algorithms

Class 10) Introduction to Graph Theory

Class 11) Complete Search, Itertools Library

Class 12) Advanced Searching / Recursion

Class 13,14,15) Difficult Implementation Problems and Mathematics


Kavan Doctor is an incoming student to Massachusetts Institute of Technology, studying Math + Computer Science.
Kavan is USACO Platinum and well versed in computer science, including Java, Python, and C++. He was also top 10 on the CALICO Berkeley Competitive Programming Competition.
He also has extensive experience in mathematics. He was top 15 on the USAJMO, earning an Honorable Mention. He also won first place and a gold medal in COMC, by getting a perfect score. He has also won first place at competitions like Berkeley Math Tournament and Caltech Harvey-Mudd Math Tournament. Kavan is a 5 time AIME qualifier and a 4 time USA(J)MO qualifier.
Kavan is also very passionate about physics and has gotten a silver medal in the USA Physics Olympiad.
Kavan is very enthusiastic and passionate about teaching and has over 4 years of teaching experience.
He is also a National Merit Finalist, getting a 1580 on the SAT and a 1500 on the PSAT.