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How he got into MIT as an Asian Male and you can too: Converting Competitions to College Acceptances

Kavan Doctor is an incoming student to Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), majoring in Math with Computer Science. He goes to Wilcox High School in Santa Clara City.

Kavan will present his FULL STORY of how he got into MIT as an Indian American, from extracurriculars to essay topics including

  • How he succeeded in competitions such as USAMO, USACO, USAPHO

  • Tricks to getting excellent awards no matter the background

  • How to self-study while maintaining motivation

  • How to choose the right community service and leadership positions

  • How to secure excellent letters of recommendation

  • How to stand out to college officers

  • How to ACE the College interview 

  • Role of parents in getting kids into the best colleges

There will also be a Q&A session at the end.

When: Feb 5th, Sunday, 1:00 PM (PT)
Fee: $50 (Please send the fee via Zelle to
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Kavan's Achievements:

  • USA (Junior) Math Olympiad 15th Place

  • USACO Platinum Division

  • USAPHO Silver Medalist (top 100)

  • COMC 1st Place Gold Award, Perfect Score

  • 1st Place at Berkeley Math Tournament

  • 1st Place at Caltech Harvey Mudd Math Tournament

  • 2nd Place at Stanford Math Tournament

  • 3rd Place at Carnegie Mellon Informatics and Mathematics Competition

  • 4th Place at Harvard-MIT Math Tournament

  • Top 10 Capture the Flag in the World