Ms. Joy Tang’s Class Reviews

My experience taking Ms. Tang’s AP Music Theory course was excellent. Beside scoring a 5 on the exam, I learned many new things that extended my knowledge in music and helped me grow as a musician. Ms. Tang is truly devoted and caring to her students. She was always happy to explain things in further detail when we had questions and she payed extra attention to topics we had more questions on. We were also given additional resources and websites for practice on the Google Classroom. Her prompt corrections and feedback of FRQs and assignments was also extremely helpful. With her help and the completion of all the homework, one can be sure of earning a good score after taking this class!

Thank you,

- Claire D.

It was a fantastic pleasure to be in Ms. Tang's class. Not only did I score a 5 on my AP exam, but I also learned about new musical cultures that I had never heard of before. Ms. Tang is really generous and caring to her students. She would prioritize what we needed to work on in each class. She would also rapidly grade all of the Free Response Questions that we practiced to improve our grasp of a topic. The Google Classroom was brimming with music resources that could easily earn a student a 5. Ms. Tang did more than enough for her position after the one-on-one sessions during office hours and the weekly group lessons (office hours outside of class). I'm sure she helped not only me, but many other students who are eager to study. If you want to learn Music Theory but don’t know where to start, Ms. Tang would be the teacher for you! – Dennis

I really enjoyed her teaching, I felt like I could ask her anything and she'd be glad to answer.

She'd always happily answer our questions in class as well and elaborate to her best ability, so I appreciated that very much.

In terms of the class, I wish we had more time to engage with others, but the "zoom-syndrome" hit our class as well. That meant I had to try to practice some things by myself, but that helped me a lot.

Regardless, the overall class was good and thanks to her I was able to get my 5. Thanks again, and hope we meet in the future.

– Andrew