Course Objectives

This class is to study the topics need to be successful in Calculus AB/BC. The class will contain all contents needed so student can skip the pre-calc class at school (if desired) and still be successful in Calculus AB/BC.

  • 2.0 hour sessions, 18 weeks.

Syllabus Week Topic

Class 1. Functions

Class 2. Linear and Quadratic Functions

Class 3. Polynomial Functions

Class 4. Inequalities

Class 5. Limits and Derivatives

Class 6. Exponents and Logarithms

Class 7. Analytic Geometry

Class 8. Trigonometric Functions

Class 9. Trigonometric Equations and Applications

Class 10. Triangle Trigonometry

Class 11. Trigonometric Addition Formulae

Class 12. Polar Coordinates and Complex Numbers

Class 13. Vectors and Determinants

Class 14. Sequences and Series

Class 15. Matrices

Class 16. Combinatorics and Probability

Class 17. Review for precalc exam

Class 18. Review for precalc exam

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