Public Speaking Summer Camp


From building confidence, improving communication, and increasing critical thinking skills to better preparing students for college—speech and debate activities provide life skills vital to a young person’s success in the future. Utilizing these skills inside and outside of the classroom teaches students the value of critical thinking, the ability to clearly articulate thoughts and ideas, to answer questions logically with clarity, and to think on one’s feet. Additionally, students develop interpersonal skills such as conflict resolution, assertiveness, and listening to peers. These important life skills empower youth to become engaged citizens, skilled professionals, and honorable leaders in our society.

演讲和辩论改变人们的生活。从建立自信,改善沟通,提高批判性思维能力,到能更好地帮助学生为大学做准备 – 演讲和辩论活动给年轻人的未来成功提供了至关重要的生活技能。应用这些课堂内部和外部的技能教导学生批判性思维的价值,清楚地说明想法和意见,逻辑清晰地回答问题,与想起一个人的脚的能力。此外,培养学生人际交往能力,如解决冲突,自信独断,倾听同行。这些重要的生活技能赋予青年人在我们的社会成为积极参与的公民,技术熟练的专业人员,以及光荣的领导者.

Public Speaking 1 & Business Public Speaking Summer Weekly Camps

“He who wants to persuade should put his trust not in the right argument, but in the right word. The power of sound has always been greater than the power of sense” - Joseph Conrad

Establishing good public speaking skills is crucial to a variety of tasks. No matter what field of work one enters in, public speaking allows one to reach the new heights. Whether it be presentation or discussion, confidence in public speaking is essential to the successful communication and persuasion of your thoughts and ideas.

Two different class will be available to students:

Students who enroll in the Public Speaking Class 1 will be challenged to speak on the spot, trained to deliver effective speeches, and taught the art of effective communication. Covering a wide range of topics such as the art of compelling word choice to critical body movements, they will be immersed in the world of public speaking with other students who also inspire to improve their public speaking skills. Students will learn the skills needed to excel in interview situations that can be used for future internship, college, and job interviews. This class is designed to help students with minimal or no public speaking experience. No experience necessary.

Students who enroll in the Business Public Speaking will learn to perfect their craft. Students are challenged to speak without preparation, tested to expand their thought process, trained the art of thinking outside the box and taught multiple types of public speaking that are utilized in the real world environment. Students will also be prepared to compete in competitions such as FBLA and DECA, allowing them to excel at regional, state, and international competitions. Focusing on the individual skills needed to excel, students will learn to master the skills needed to be fluent public speakers. This class is designed to help better students with either a Public Speaking or those with business interests. No experience is necessary but recommended.

Time: 9:30 to 12:30pm. ; Monday to Friday.

7/9 to 7/13 Public Speaking Class 1
7/16 to 7/20 Business Public Speaking
7/23 to 7/27 Public Speaking Class 1
7/30 to 8/3 Business Public Speaking

(We offer free children care for our students until 6:30pm)
Contact: (408) 480-7547,
Address: 20432 Silverado, Ste 7, Cupertino, CA 95014
Tuition: $280/each week

The coach, Joseph Pang, is a recent graduate of Lynbrook High School who currently participates in clubs such as FBLA, DECA, and Speech and Debate. By participating in these activities, he has practiced multiple forms of public speaking ranging from Spontaneous Speaking to Business Marketing. He will be covering all of these types of public speaking as well as how to create a speech and how to utilize effective hand gestures.

His accolades include:
*UC Berkeley Class of 2022
*Lynbrook FBLA President
*Lynbrook Partnership with Business Project Chair
*1st Place in California DECA Competition
*5th Place Extemporaneous Speech at Stanford Invitational
*6th place International DECA Competition in Independent Business Plan
*Top 20 out of 200 in Impromptu Speaking at Berkeley Invitational
*4 time Qualifier for FBLA Nationals 

想要使他人信服的人不应只依赖于有力的论点,而是该使用正确的言辞表述。言语的力量远超于意识的力量。—— 约瑟夫·康纳德


报名参加本课程都学生将通过即兴演讲训练,学习如何更效率地沟通以及表述自己的意见。课程涵盖了丰富的技巧训练,例如肢体语言的运用,强说服力的词汇选择。 学生将在良好的互促学习氛围中,针对性提高其演说技巧。


课程讲员: Joseph Pang今年毕业于Lynbrook高中,活跃于各类商业社团,如FBLA、DECA和演讲辩论社。通过参加各类演讲活动,他全面地锻炼了自己的言辞技巧,面对不同类型的演讲都能游刃有余。针对不同的商务场景,他将向学生讲授如何综合运用各类手势与言辞,发表令人信服的演讲。

Review From Joseph's Students

My first thought of this class was just a bunch of random team building stuff, but immediately we did more speeches in one day than than I did my entire 8th grade career. I learned a lot about high school and speeches. Joseph was cool, of some old guy taught it, it would be weired, but if its someone younger, they actually have spirit left, so I think it was a good class and was worth it at its price point."  --- E. C.

Advanced/Accelerated class, wide variety of speeches, a lot of time dedicated to speaking. Professional teacher. Overall good class. --- M.H.

The class was pretty good, I feel that a small, concentrated class is ideal for speech. I learned a lot about speech and my abilities. Joseph is a pretty good teacher. 

Solid class, good experience.


Syllabus of public speaking 1

  • Icebreakers
  • Speaking Style, Technique
  • Entonation
  • Creating a Speech
  • Hooking your Audience
  • Transitioning
  • Incorporating Evidence
  • Types of Speeches
  • Analyzing and Adapting to your audience
  • Speech analysis of famous speakers
  • Extemporaneous speaking
  • Speech delivery (non-verbal)
  • Putting it all together - Speech practice

Syllabus of Business Public Speaking