Portfolio Preparation Studio Program

A good portfolio can not only get a student admitted into top Art/Design programs, but also supplement the applications to more STEM-based fields by uniquely showcasing your creativity and problem-solving.

There is no single solution in the world of design, though most colleges require a selection of 12-20 artworks that showcase your most recent work.  How then, do you create a portfolio that satisfies the requirements yet still stands out from the others?

Think outside of the box!  Include not only sketches and paintings that showcase finely-honed technique, but also that you’ve done profound research and have deep understanding of a specific topic of your interest -- how you absorb and digest the information, and used that to create your own art or design masterpiece.  Regardless of medium, the design portfolio should reflect the full range of your conceptual process and abilities.


What will be the portfolio preparation program included:

This portfolio preparation program will help you not just to prepare some visual work, but also prepare a beautiful story, which will demonstrate your interest, your commitment, your compassion, your creativity and many other merits, which are the personal merits that the world's most prestigious schools value most.

At the end of this course, you will get a well presentable portfolio, which including:

  • Images/photographs during the design process
  • Research documentations
  • Videos which demonstrate the local communities and your design process
  • Final design solution
  • Actual impact to the community/society
  • Actual product
  • Recommendation letters, honors, recognitions, and more…

Skills you will learn:

  • Research methods and skills
  • Presentation Skills
  • Storytelling Skills
  • Problem-solving Skills
  • Local craftsmanship (for some optional projects)

Students will complete their own portfolio, one that represents themselves as a designer and demonstrates their creativity, ability, and personality.

Duration of this course:  until you have a great portfolio package

Cost: by package, $10K per person/package

or $150 for 1 hour private consultation, or $120/hr for 2 hours and more private consultation.


About the instructor

Mr. Tingbin Tang had been an interactive design professor at San Jose State University and former director of the design department at China Central Academy of Fine Arts.  He’s the current CEO of Nearal and former CEO of Gopackup, Qifang and Peopeo; his artworks have been permanently collected by The Chicago Athenaeum, an International Museum of Architecture and Design, and have won him numerous international design awards.  His work has been reported by Time Magazine, CNN, ABC news, and many other media and press. As an professional art and designer in the field, as an design educator in two world famous art and design institute, as a serial entrepreneur and passionate innovator, he will help you prepare the best portfolio and help you to be admitted by the best school.





在盒子外面思考!不仅要包括展示精细熟练技术的草图和视觉作品,还应该包括您深入研究体现你的兴趣的特定主题 - 如何吸收和归纳信息,并用它来创建自己的艺术或设计杰作。无论通过何种媒介,作品集都应该反映您的整个创意过程和能力的全部范围。






  • 项目过程中的图片/照片
  • 设计调研的记录文件
  • 展示生动的目标用户和项目过程的视频
  • 最终设计解决方案
  • 对社区/社会的实际影响
  • 实际产品
  • 推荐信,荣誉,表彰等......



  • 研究方法和技能
  • 演讲技巧
  • 讲故事技巧
  • 解决问题的能力
  • 本地工艺(针对某些可选项目)