Photography can be an extremely rewarding hobby throughout one's entire life. Photography is an integral part of everyone's lives, and can be used as a form of communication, documentation, as well as a way of making art. This introductory course will cover all aspects of photography, including technical skills, composition, photography history, processing images, and making prints.

Course Objective

  • learn how to create better pictures,
  • become more familiar and comfortable with cameras,
  • gain a better understanding of their direction and purpose as a photographer.

Schedule of 5-day Course

Day 1: Introduction to Photography, Learning about Cameras

  • What's the purpose of photography? What different kinds of photography are there?
  • How do cameras work? What are the different kinds of cameras?
  • Demonstration of how a lens forms an image, how a camera shutter works
  • What camera settings affect a photo? (shutter, aperture, ISO, focus, focal length)
  • Instructor will guide students learning how to control these settings on their cameras

Day 2: Composition, Focal Length, and the decisive moment

  • How can you place your subject in your frame?
  • What aspects of composition make photos eye-catching?
  • How does focal length affect composition?
  • How can the timing of a photo affect its content?
  • Review of camera settings learned on day 1

Day 3: The History of Photography, Advanced camera settings

  • Early history of the camera and photography
  • Influential photographers in history (Cartier-Bresson, Steve McCurry, Ansel Adams, Magnum Photos, etc)
  • Review ISO, shutter, aperture
  • Metering modes, autofocus modes
  • What is a macro lens?
  • Using flash

Day 4: Analog vs digital processes, processing your digital negatives

  • How is film shot & developed? How are analog prints made?
  • Shooting in RAW
  • Pulling/pushing, color balancing, sharpening, noise reduction, etc

Day 5: Publishing your work, and how to become a better photographer after the class

  • Publishing your photos online (facebook, flickr, 500px, squarespace)
  • Printing & framing photos
  • How to continue improving as a photographer

Schedule of 3-day Course

Day 1

  • Introduction to Photography: A summary of major camera functions.
  • Introduction on the factors of controlling the right exposure of a photo and the relationship of exposure triangle.
  • Introduction on how to Frame a photo — Composition.  
  • Includes three photo shooting sessions.

Day 2

  • Photo Field Trip.
  • Photo review and selection of favorite photos.
  • Introduction to the new way of photo sharing: Flickr. Account set up included.
  • Introduction to Adobe Lightroom (a photo processing software).

Day 3

  • Finish up introduction to Adobe Lightroom.
  • Brief photo editing for Photo show.
  • Photo show and presentation.

Suppliers Required

  • Digital camera with manual
  • Laptop
  • Software: Adobe Lightroom 5 or 6
  • One image in RAW file