Contemporary Art Studio Course

As contemporary art continues to evolve and challenge, it finds new ways to engage the viewer. Introduction to Contemporary Art provides you with a roadmap for understanding contemporary art by examining critical works by famous artists of today.

Course description:

Through lectures and discussions, this course captures contemporary art’s complex trajectory, exploring the central themes, as well as the ideas behind some of the most important works of the past 60 years. By carefully studying the context of contemporary art, you will gain an appreciation of the impact that momentous social, political, and cultural events have had in inspiring dramatic innovation in the arts. At the end of the course, you will have acquired a comfort level with artworks that might have previously seemed challenging or inaccessible.

This will also be a studio based course, which means, besides all the contemporary art theories, you will also work on an art project, which at the end you will create this work and participate in our studio work exhibition.

What you will get out from this course:

  • The ability to identify critical works representing key moments in the unfolding of contemporary art.
  • The tools for looking at, understanding, and critically assessing contemporary works of art.
  • Familiarity and comfort with art that can seem challenging and inaccessible.
  • Be able to feel comfortable and confident to create and present your own art work
  • Be able to write art statement of your work

Throughout this course you will discover how artists:
-- represent place and take inspiration from their environment,
-- create works of art to express, explore, and question identity,
-- use everyday objects to challenge assumptions about what constitutes a work of art and how it should be made,
-- and respond to the social, cultural, and political issues of their time through works of art. Through the discussion forum prompts and peer review assignment, you will also have the opportunity to connect with other learners and explore how these themes resonate with your own life and experience.

Duration of this course: 2 weeks

About the instructor

Mr. Tingbin Tang has been an interactive design professor at San Jose State University and former director of the design department at China Central Academy of Fine Arts. He’s the current CEO of Nearal and former CEO of Gopackup, Qifang and Peopeo; his artworks have been permanently collected by The Chicago Athenaeum, an International Museum of Architecture and Design, and have won him numerous international design awards. His work has been reported by Time Magazine, CNN, ABC news, and many other media and press. As a world famous artist and designer, he will guide you to explore new media and new forms of art.







  • 懂得欣赏代表当代艺术关键时刻的重要作品
  • 懂得如何查看,理解和批判性评估当代艺术作品
  • 对艺术作品熟悉和亲近,即使现在那些作品看起来既挑战又难以接近
  • 能够感到舒适和自信地创作和展示自己的艺术作品
  • 能够撰写您的作品的艺术陈述



  • 代表各个地域并从他们的环境中获取灵感
  • 进行创作表达,探索和创作甚至被质疑的艺术作品
  • 使用日常物品挑战关于什么是艺术,并尝试自我创作
  • 通过艺术作品了解他们时代的社会,文化和政治问题
  • 通过讨论进行艺术欣赏和艺术批评的工作,您还将有机会与其他学习者沟通,并探索这些主题如何与您自己的生活和经历产生共鸣。