Java Programming


This course is designed to introduce the student to the study and writing of computer programs, with an emphasis on understanding and solving problems. Analytical thinking skills and logic are emphasized. The Java language is taught with an emphasis on programming for the Internet, so structured and object-oriented methods of programming are taught.

It covers the content found in a high school first year introductory course to Java programming, requiring no prior experience.

Course Objectives

  • Types, variables, operators
  • More types, methods, conditionals
  • Loops and arrays
  • Objects and classes
  • Access control, class scope, packages, Java API
  • Design, debugging, interfaces
  • Inheritance, exceptions, file I/O
  • Recursion


We use the online tutorial and practice as our teaching resource. Classes typically consist of lectures of several subjects, then practice problems pertaining to taught material, usually in the form of example code and then to solve problems online.


1. Set-up IDE, background, primitive data types, binary, octal / hexadecimal, operators
2. Logic, and, or, bit and/or, if statement, for loop
3. Strings, Number Objects
4. Arrays, passing/return array with method
5. Method, overload, parameter, return type
6. Recursive functions,
7. ArrayList, file IO, while, do-while, break/continue
8. Map, Set, more on String methods, Character
9. Class Object, constructors, public/protected/private, class/static variable, enum,
10. Inheritance, override, abstract, interface, super, polymorphism, encapsulation
11. Advanced data structures, stack, queue, vector
12. Sorting, Date
13. Import, package, AWT, calculator
14. Exceptions, exercise
15. A game code example or more topics to cover

Introduction to Programming in Java

Text: Java: How to program: late objects, Deitel (Saturdays 330-630, 1/6-5/5, 18 weeks)
Control statements
Arrays, ArrayLists
Classes I
Classes II
Polymorphism and Interfaces
Lambdas, streams
Searching, sorting
Data structures

This class provides students with a solid foundation in the most popular language in the software industry, Java. Students have 1h lab time in class. The class is taught by an instructor from Oracle University. After this class students can apply the knowledge to summer internship, robotics or programming contests.