C++ Programming


Introduction to Programming in C++ 

This is a introductory course to the C++ programming language. C++ is a general purpose programming language that supports various computer programming models such as object-oriented programming and generic programming. By learning C++, students will be able to create applications that run on a wide variety of hardware platforms. This course will help students develop programming skills, knowledge of data structures and object-oriented programming and introduce them to algorithm design.

This class provides students with a solid foundation C++. Students have 1hr lab time in class. After this class students can apply the knowledge to summer internship, robotics or programming contests.

Textbook: C++ From Control Structures through Objects, Tony Gaddis


Lecture 1: Introduction, Expressions

Lecture 2:Decisions

Lecture 3: Loops, files

Lecture 4: Functions

Lecture 5: Arrays

Lecture 6:Searching/sorting arrays

Lecture 7: Pointers

Lecture 8: C-strings, string class

Lecture 9: Structured data

Lecture 10: Advanced file operations

Lecture 11: Classes I

Lecture 12: Classes II

Lecture 13: Inheritance, Polymorphism, virtual functions

Lecture 14: Exceptions, STL

Lecture 15: Linked Lists

Lecture 16: Stacks and Queues

Lecture 17: Recursion

Lecture 18: B-trees