Words from Emily and Honghua

谢谢晓瑞阿姨! Thank You Sherry

My mom always pushes me to try harder in school, however she doesn’t know exactly how to help me in order to achieve my high grades, scores, and good applications.

My father, on the other hand, knows how to help me, but is not able to, due to the fact that he lives on the other side of the world.

I was behind in many areas – finding an SAT teacher, a calculus tutor, someone to help me with my college essays, applications, and much more.

Sherry, a friend of my mother’s and the establisher of Bay Echo, has helped me in all my problematic areas that I longed to be fixed and has helped my mother and father in their high stress levels for me. Whenever I need someone, Sherry is here. Always.

“I don’t understand calculus at all, where can I find a good tutor?” Sherry had an answer.

“My friends are taking this prep class (which I shall remain unnamed) for their SAT. Is it good?” Sherry always had her reviews and opinions.

“No, that class is terrible,” she told me. And thus, I was lead to a much better prep class.

What I love about Sherry is that when she knows something, she explains it extremely thoroughly and opinionatedly to get her point across, and when she does not know something, she has the passion to go and look for it immediately.

I see and believe that she is not only doing her job, but also truly caring about my future.

She calls my mom continuously, “how did Emily do on her SAT?” or “how far is she in her college applications?” or “how are her grades? Has she studied for finals?” She calls my mom because she worries about me, and wants to help me.

That shows how she really puts her heart into her job, and care into her abilities to help.

Thank you Sherry.

Emily Chen






众所周知,加州的大学申请截止日期是11月底。可是,在截止日的前三天, 我和女儿才发现她的大学申请还几乎是空白。焦急之下, 我让孩子找到了晓瑞。连续三个晚上,晓瑞都在无微不至帮助我女儿的大学申请。有一个晚上,他们在办公室一直待到凌晨近两点。而这个时候,我这个没用的妈妈,却等不到女儿回家而先睡着了。如果不是出于对一个孩子的关心,晓瑞不可能如此倾注心力帮助我的孩子。何况,她自己也是一个有三个孩子的母亲。

千言万语却无法表达 “谢谢” 两字。在此,作为一个母亲,我想与我的女儿一起,在这里对晓瑞说一声:谢谢你。