Summer Science Research Training

Are you still looking for the science research opportunity in this summer? 还在寻找高质量的暑期科研活动吗? Do you want to do high quality science research project and take part in the next science fair? 计划要通过科研参加下一次的科研比赛吗? Register and take the Summer Science Research Training (Physical Science) today. 每班最多只收10名学生。还有稍许名额。不需要有物理基础。 The instructor Dr. Liu’s former student have received grand prize at Synopsys […]

Free Science Fair workshop 免费初高中生小发明研究竞赛讲座

Free Science Fair workshop 免费初高中生小发明研究竞赛讲座 (The seminar will be in English) Science fairs have established themselves as the premier form of science competitions in both middle school and high school. Students interested in science and conducting original research can share their experiences and their findings through science fairs, such as the local Synopsys Championship and […]