AP US History

AP United States History (APUSH) is widely recognized as one of the most challenging courses offered in American high schools. This rigorous program provides an in-depth study of U.S. history, spanning from Columbus' discovery of the New World to the Obama administration. Students engage in a variety of activities, including analyzing historical documents and applying critical thinking and analytical writing skills to expand their knowledge of American history.

The course demands a significant amount of time and effort, with students required to devote substantial energy to reading, writing, and discussion. As a result, many students must prioritize APUSH over other coursework.

Despite the course's difficulty, APUSH offers considerable value. By providing a comprehensive understanding of American history, it helps students develop a critical and nuanced perspective on the world. Additionally, the course fosters analytical thinking, communication, and reading comprehension skills, which can prove beneficial when taking the SAT.

The primary challenge of APUSH lies in the volume of reading and writing required. Many students struggle to identify the most critical information, leading to concerns about their GPA.



Anthony is an attorney with a passion for history. He holds a major in history and philosophy from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and has been teaching APUSH and other history courses since 2013 at SpringLight Education. Anthony's students consistently achieve exceptional results, with all of them receiving A's in their high school history courses, and nearly all earning a 5 on their AP history exams.

Anthony's teaching style centers on developing his students' analytical writing skills, which is crucial for excelling in this rigorous course. He is committed to helping his students identify key historical information, analyze historical documents critically, and express their insights effectively through written communication. With Anthony's guidance, his students develop a deep understanding of American history and learn valuable skills that serve them well beyond the classroom.


APUSH (AP 美国历史)是美国高中课程中颇具份量的课,它涵盖了从哥伦布发现新大陆到奥巴马时代的美国政治、经济和社会的历史。在课上,学生们通过对历史文件的分析,用自己的判断性思维,并利用分析性写作来理解美国的发展历程。



学习APUSH 的最大问题是,大量的暑期阅读不知重点在哪里,分析性写作不知怎么写,因此对是否能学好这门课产生恐惧。

春晖教育的历史老师Anthony,毕业于 The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill 的历史专业,对历史怀有极大热情的老师。自2013年在春晖教育教各种历史课程,美国历史,世界历史和欧洲历史等。他的学生都在高中很容易地取得了A的成绩,绝大多数学生AP取得了5分。他可以很好帮助带领学生完成阅读,教导历史写作技巧,让学生们对APUSH的学习有信心。 能教APUSH的老师不好找,能教好的老师更加少,而能把APUSH和其他AP 历史课教好的老师,又能讲得非常有意思的老师在春晖教育。需要AP 历史学习的帮助吗?请和联系我们。

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