Words for Mr. Huang

Hi, Teacher Huang:
I want to let you know that Eric passed this month's USACO silver contest and got promoted to gold level. I want to thank you a lot of your teachings to him. When he first joined this spring's USACO silver class, he just barely passed bronze level and felt very difficult to solve silver problems. I can tell he made very good progress and improved dramatically in his problem solving techniques.

Appreciate all your teachings and look forward to taking your class in next level.
Eric's mom.


I highly recommend Dr. Huang to those who wants to achieve high! In three months, he helped my daughter,  Ali, bring up her AP Computer Science score from C to A and AP scored 5. Starting in the summer, Dr. Huang encouraged her and worked with her on USACO.  In December 2020, Ali won USACO Bronze competition and achieved Silver level. It was his dedication and great passion in teaching that inspired Ali. From “mommy, I don’t have any talent in computer science” to “ I am thinking about computer science major”, I can’t thank Dr. Huang and SpringLight enough.