11/19 Science research workshop for Middle school students

  • Do you know the most prestigious science & engineering competition for middle school students?
  • Do you know the counterpart of Intel Science Fair in middle school?
  • Do you know which national science competition awards $100,000 to middle school students, with top prize of $25,000?
  • Do you want to learn from a national finalist on how to apply for this competition step by step?
  • Do you want to motivate your middle schooler for doing science research?
  • Do you want to start on a great pathway to excel in high school science research?

Get the first hand information from this workshop! Seats are limited.
This workshop is for middle school students and parents.  The speaker will cover:

  • Her experience of how she started science research
  • Her recent trip to DC for Broadcom MASTERS national competition
  • How to enter and do well in science fairs for middle school students
  • Process of applying for Broadcom Masters
  • Her reflections on her experience, common mistakes (which you can avoid!), and tips

Time: Saturday, 7:30 to 9:00pm, 11/19/2016
Address: 1340 S De Anza Blvd. Suite 204, San Jose, CA 95129
Contact: 408-898-5021, 408-480-7547
Fee: $20 each person

About the speaker: 

Cynthia Chen is currently a freshman at Harker School with a passion in both math and science research. Some of her achievements include:
·       Broadcom MASTERS National top 30 Finalist
·       Broadcom MASTERS National 2nd place Science Award
·       Synopsys silicon valley science and technology championship: 1st place category award
·       California state science fair: Fourth place category award
·       USAJMO Qualifier 2016
·       AIME Qualifier 2015, 2016
·       School Mathcounts team captain, school science bowl team

Speaker: Mrs. Webster.

With over 10 years of tutoring and editing experience, Mrs. Webster specializes in teaching biology, preparing students for standardized testing, and editing college applications. Funny, articulate, and knowledgeable, she is often referred to as "the best teacher" by her students.

Raised by Jewish parents, Mrs. Webster was a National Merit Scholar. Funded by a thirty-thousand dollar writing scholarship, she earned a BS in biology minoring in Studio Art at Lake Forest College, Illinois. She the studied neuroscience at UAB and received a M.S. in Biomedical Science.

2/11/17 FREE biology-prep seminar: How to navigate biology classes, competitions, and exams to best achieve your goals


“How can I best help my child pursue his interest in biology?”

“My child has so much potential!  How should I direct her?”

“I hear that next year’s biology teacher is really tough.  How can I help my child prepare?”

“This biology teacher is useless! How can I help my child keep learning?”

“My child isn’t interested in being a doctor, so why does his school require that he take this class?”

“My child works hard but keeps failing the tests--how can I help her improve?”

The number of classes and activities available to our students is enormous. As parents, we want our kids to work hard and achieve their potential, without becoming overwhelmed, discouraged, or burned out.

This seminar will help:

  • What do colleges look for in a science, pre-med, or biology major?

  • CLASSES: Regular biology, honors biology, and AP biology classes

    • Strategy and tips for success

  • EXAMS: SAT II biology, AP Biology, and USABO:

    • Challenges and benefits

    • Strategy and tips for success

Register for this coming Saturday’s Biology-Prep Seminar NOW! Seats are limited.

WHEN: 2-3:30 pm Saturday, 2/11/2017




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