PSAT/SAT Preparation

This course provides an overview of the PSAT/SAT “Evidence-Based Reading and Writing” section, which includes the Reading Test and the Writing and Language Test.  Students will learn test-taking strategies and receive instruction in reading comprehension, vocabulary, grammar, punctuation, and usage.  This course is appropriate for students who have not yet taken the PSAT/SAT and for those who have already taken the test and hope to build skills to improve their scores.
What Students said for this class:
  • Wonderful class, entertaining and informative.
  • I really enjoy the class. The games make me motivated to memorize vocab words, and the way things are explained are very clear.
  • It was fun and enjoying, and I learned a lot.
  • After attending the SAT class improved my grammar skills and vocabing skills from before. I now have a higher confidence level of taking the SAT.
  • The class was great! 10/10. She is a great teacher. She makes students feel comfortable with answering questions and interacting the students. Great job and fun class!
  • The class was engaging +fun yet also informative.


Bahar completed her Master of Education in Human Development and Psychology at Harvard Graduate School of Education and Bachelor of Science degree in Spanish and Rehabilitation Science at the University of Pittsburgh. Her experience includes teaching AP Psychology in China, teaching the SAT Reading, Writing, and Essay sections at a Bay Area education start-up company, and tutoring students in AP Spanish and AP Psychology. She enjoys helping students discover more about themselves through psychology, master critical thinking skills required for success on the SAT, and sharing her passion for the Spanish language with students.