Path to Medical School & the way to MIT with athletics

Is there a way to get into medical school that only has a 4% acceptance rate from UC Santa Cruz?  Definitely YES.

Wonder how?

Come to listen to Mason’s talk.

Mason Lee is a graduate of UC Santa Cruz who will be starting medical school at Albany Medical College in August. He will share how his life changed from high school to college and even to this day.


A sportswoman goes to MIT, then gets a job in management: sounds like an interesting career path? This is exactly the path that Mandy is going through.

How did she manage to change her career so dramatically?

Come join Mandy and listen to her unique experience.

Mandy Lee loves sports and was very active in athletics during high school. She will talk in detail about how to reach out to top college coaches and how her sports helped her get admitted to MIT.


Time: Saturday, 7:00-9:00 pm, 7/14/2018

Address: Home of Christ in Saratoga, 20548 Lomita Ave. Saratoga, CA 95070

Fee: Free!