Music Theory

About the class

AP Music Theory course not available at school?
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For this course, it is expected that students have an understanding of music fundamentals (ability to read music, key signatures, etc.).
The class will cover music theory at a collegiate level with rigor in music reading, analysis, listening, and sight-reading skills.

Students will leave AP Music Theory with more answers and curiosity about the makings of what makes music the way it is. While all students will be prepared to successfully pass the AP Music Theory Exam, the goal for learning is that students will genuinely enjoy the process of engaging with creating, reading, and listening to music; improve their own music making; and leave the class with a desire to continue seeking music as a part of their lives.


Prerequisites: basic music reading skills recommended, as well as ensemble/solo musical experience.

Topics the course will include but are not limited to:

  • Interval and chord identification
  • Modes and keys
  • Harmonic progressions and functions
  • Cadence types
  • Roman numeral analysis
  • Figured bass realization
  • 4-part SATB writing with proper voice leading
  • Basic composition
  • Sight-reading/singing
  • Ear training for dictations
  • Form and phrase identification

College Board AP Test Date/Time: May 15th, 2024

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