IT Club Repair Class

Does your laptop run hot and sound like a jet?
Is your phone screen cracked, but you can’t afford $300 for repairs?
Is your Joy-Con drifting even when you’re not playing Mario Kart?
Do you like to fix used computers and support underserved students?
Do you want to contribute to the efforts in reducing global e-waste? 

Learn how to repair devices quickly and easily in the comfort of your own home with the IT Club Repair Class! No previous experience is necessary.

Repair is an important skill to have throughout life. It reduces the e-waste problem, allows you to circumvent warranties and repair fees, extends the lifetime of devices, creates jobs, and, most importantly, it’s fun!

Never be scared again by expensive phone screen replacements, or annoying laptop fix-ups. Even silly blunders from everyday life, from drink spills on your keyboard to overly dusty laptops, can now be solved simply with a toolbox at your hands. Learning to repair allows you to build the skills for better taking on whatever life throws at you.

Register for the IT Club Repair Class today!

Class schedule: 4:00-5:30pm; Saturdays from 6/25 to 7/30, 2023

Fee: $200 full tuition OR $35/class

Materials required: iFixit Essential Electronics Toolkit, Pro Tech Toolkit


Fee: $200 full tuition OR $35/class

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Class syllabus @HERE

Toolkit options

Materials required: iFixit Essential Electronics Toolkit or Pro Tech Toolkit

Teaching plan

To refurbish computers, we need to purchase tools, parts, and software. As a fundraising event, we're offering the IT Club Repair class to the community. In this class, we'll be teaching the following topics:

Lesson 1: About repair and parts of a computer

Lesson 2: Servicing a Desktop

Lesson 3: Servicing a Laptop

Lesson 4: About Thermals

Lesson 5: Software Maintenance

Lesson 6: Phone Repairs and Summary


For those who complete the IT Repair class, you have the option to join The IT Club to contribute to the mission of reducing global e-waste and helping underserved students.  The IT Club, Inc. is a certified organization to offer the President's Volunteer Service Award (PSVA) to students who volunteer through the IT Club. The IT Club’s PSVA season begins on Sept 1 and ends on Aug.31 the following year. The 2022 award ceremony is in September 2022.



Ethan Zuo is the founder and CEO of The IT Club and an incoming freshman at UC Berkeley. He is very passionate about science and technology and loves using them to solve problems in the engineering field. He enjoys taking things apart and figuring out how they work. He has extensive knowledge in both computer software and hardware, and has many years of experience in refurbishing computers. He loves sharing his knowledge with others and serving the community.

The IT Club

The IT Club, Inc. is a student-run 501 (c)(3) nonprofit organization. We are dedicated to reducing global e-waste and bringing computers to underserved students to enable learning.  We aim to accomplish this by:

 -    Sharing our knowledge of computer software and hardware technology with everyone who is interested in learning

-     Providing free IT services to the community to repair, upgrade and refurbish computers to prolong the life of existing devices

-     Refurbishing, upgrading, and donating refurbished computers to underrepresented students

E-waste is a global epidemic. Over 118 billion pounds of e-waste are produced each year, much of which isn't even broken.

Many students lack access to a computer for online learning at home During the COVID-19 pandemic, technology has become a more integral part in how we play, work, and interact. And yet, 35% of households in the US with school-age children and an annual income of under $30,000 do not have access to adequate technology for learning at home.