Introduction to Data Science

Course Description

Artificial Intelligence can solve problems and define strategies way faster than humans can.

Harness the power of machine learning to answer your own questions about the world around us:

When is the optimal time to purchase or liquidate stocks and other financial instruments?

What is the optimal strategy to compete in a game (such as poker or chess)?

What is the optimal roster for a fantasy sports league?

You can learn to use freely available data to answer these questions and more!

Students will learn a complete methodology for approaching and solving problems using data and machine learning in the python programming language. This will build a strong foundation for students to pursue opportunities or internships in humanity research and science research areas such as bioinformatic research.

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No programming experience is required.

No system requirements.

For student 7th to 12th

Course Syllabus

5 Classes, 10 hr Total, 2 hr Sessions

Day 1. Python Installation and Programming Introduction

Day 2. Universal Programming Basics Continued

Day 3. Philosophy of Data Science and Python Basics

Day 4. Visualizing Data and Applying Machine Learning Techniques

Day 5. Final Project Presentations

Students will be expected to generate and present a final project report which must include at least one graph illustrating the student's observations.

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