Kenton’s Comprehensive Reading/Writing English Class

Course Overview

Understanding and using the English language at a high level is essential for success in any setting. By developing advanced reading and writing skills — and gaining an increased understanding of the English language as a whole — students will be better equipped to handle challenges, careers, and callings of all kinds.

This course is designed to help students improve their English proficiency and develop skills necessary to flourish in any and all of the aforementioned settings. As its name suggests, the course focuses on three central areas under the English-usage umbrella: grammar, reading comprehension, and creative writing.

Classes will begin with a grammar lesson and review. Grammar lessons will focus on the most important components of the English language, including sentence structure, punctuation, parts of speech, and more. Special attention will be given to the grammatical issues that students themselves are struggling with most. Students will test and improve their grammar through short quizzes, writing exercises, and group discussions.

The second portion of each class, “reading comprehension,” will focus on helping students improve their reading skills. Students will spend the bulk of each reading comprehension session reading short passages and answering questions about each passage. Students will also learn comprehension tips and tricks through lectures and seminar-style discussions. Effective reading strategies and question-answering techniques will be covered extensively to help students develop the skills necessary to read and understand a wide range of texts.

Each class will conclude with a creative writing portion. During this creative writing portion, students will learn how to develop a personal sense of good vs. not-so-good writing through lectures, writing examples, and class discussions. Students will also cultivate their own creative writing skills through a number of different writing exercises. Special attention will be given to essay writing under time constraints, as well as writing on topic-specific “personal” prompts commonly found on college applications.

Time: 12/2/18-2/24/19, Sunday, 2:00-3:30 pm (G6-G11), No class on 12/16/18, 12/23/18, 12/30/18
Time: 11/27/18-2/19/19, Tuesday, 5:00-6:30 pm (G6-G11), No class on 12/18/18, 12/25/18, 1/1/19

Tuition: $600/10 times
Location: 20432 Silverado Ave, Suite 7, Cupertino CA 95014
Contact :, 408-480-7547



Kenton Freemuth (Pomona College), is a professional freelance writer based in San Francisco. At Pomona, he earned a Bachelor of Arts degree and double-majored in English and Philosophy, subjects in which he completed a writing portfolio and senior thesis respectively. He writes professionally for several digital marketing agencies.