English Reading and Writing

Speed Reading

It has been proved that reading speed has great influence in the academic learning. It involves mental focus and phrase-reading. Student who can read fast has advantage in gaining high score in SAT/ACT test. In this course the instructor will teach how to strengthen your concentration, improve your comprehension, and become truly immersed in your reading. This course is designed for grades 8-10 or advanced grades 6-7 to improve a student’s ability to read thoughtfully, analyze important passages and quotes.

Critical Reading and Writing

This course is to teach students the art of critical thinking and effective note-taking when reading literature. Over the 5 sessions (3.5 hours/session), there will be lectures, discussions and five essay assignments.  

One selected material will be assigned for each class. Students will be trained to finish the material in a short time. After exchange their understanding with their peers, students will be required to write an essay effectively and analytically.

This course is for advanced English learners who want to develop their skills as future scholars. It is designed for grades 8-10 or advanced grade 6-7  that equips students with strategies for active reading, critical thinking, and analytical writing.